29 October 2014

Hijab Review: Scarves Closet

Sorry for being MIA recently, my new job is shift work and I've pulled the short straw and ended up with loads of night shifts these last couple of weeks. 

I'm here today with a hijab review, not a regular thing on this blog but I liked the look of this site. It's a new site set up in England selling a range of scarves. I was sent the 'Azalea Ombre Paisley' scarf for review:

Dimensions: 180cm by 80cm. This is a pretty standard hijab size, enough to add folds etc, but not a maxi scarf. 

Material: 50% cotton, 50% viscose giving it a lightweight, soft feel. This combination makes for a great summer headscarf as it's more breathable than a fully viscose scarf (which I dread!).

Colours: Cute pastel colours that fade into each other, with a subtle paisley pattern. Nice summer scarf. So nice apparently that my mum has nicked it. 

Packaging: Loved it!

Price: £7.50. I've compared this with other ombre scarves out there and the price is reasonable.

If you want you can support this new business by checking out their fun collection of scarves here. :)

04 October 2014

Ali ibn Abi Talib (as) narrated that the Prophet (saw) said:

“If you see the black flagsthen remain on the ground and do not move a hand or a leg (do not get involved with them). A group of weaklings will appear, their hearts like iron. They are the owners of the state. They fulfill neither a contract nor a covenant. They call to the truth, but they are not its people. Their names are a kunya (i.e. 'abu'..) and their lineage are a town (i.e. Baghdad). Their hair is like the hair of womenDo this until they differ in it between themselves; Allah will Give the right to whomever He desires.” 

[Imam Nu’aym ibn Hammad, Kitab al-Fitan]

RIP Alan Henning, a truly compassionate man who dedicated his life to helping others, ironically and sadly, Muslims.