25 November 2010

Enough's Enough.

If there is one thing I find utterly detestable, it's got to be The Sect Question.

SO, as of today, I refuse to answer this ridiculous, dividing and not to mention, nosey, enquiry.. It's sickens me that we are so separated. I am simply a MUSLIM; I couldn't give a monkeys about the details of what other Muslims believe - each to their own. Nobody is going to sleep in another person's grave! As long as we all follow the Quran and the Prophet (S), I don't care about anything else. What is with this continuous judgement of each other that we are in no way entitled to be dishing out?! We are supposed to be ONE UMMAH.
A video I found here on YouTube to make you feel all gooy, yay:

United we stand, divided.. well just look around.

19 November 2010

A Modest Outfit For Work

Here's a simple winter work wear idea for you.. (you may want to go for a slightly longer length top if the trousers aren't loose enough):

12 November 2010

Another Style To Try

If you're sick of the bog standard hijab wrap, give this style for FloralCharms a go. The only thing I would definitely advise against is the use of two (or even one) under cap. They are tight and will make your hairline really thin.. also, the simpler a headscarf style is, the better it looks.

11 November 2010

Colour Mistakes

A nice 'article' about colour mistakes in clothing from the Yahoo Lifestyle site:

1) Matchy matchy
“Women’s usual mistake with colour is trying to colour match their entire outfit,” confides Kirsty Attwood, Styling Manager at Selfridges, London. “Gone are the days of the ‘matching shoe and bag’ combination - have fun and add an extra tone or colour to your outfit.”

2) Overkill
Coco Chanel told us to always take one accessory off, and she was right. Too many colours all at once is guaranteed to kill a look. Caroline Hodson, personal shopper at Harvey Nichols, London, has this advice: “Always have in mind that less is more! For example, a key trend this season is leopard print. It’s easy to make the mistake of wearing too much of this print, but when done subtly, say with black skinny trousers this is a fantastic look.”

07 November 2010

The Long Black Skirt

As long skirts and dresses are very in at the moment (of course, for hijabis, they are kinda always in..), I decided to put together an outfit idea for a skirt in slightly cold weather:

Biker Jacket

Of course, don't forget the leggings underneath.. Even though they have become a popular alternative to jeans (in case you haven't noticed..).

03 November 2010

Cardigans - Hijab Style

Sorry I have not been able to post recently, I'm bogged down with university at the moment and all the work that comes with it.. But there's always time for a spot of shopping! Here's a cardigan I recently purchased from Firetrap, I love it as it's so modest but stylish at the same time:

It's great because it's long and covered enough to just about let you get away with wearing skinny jeans without confusing people with that ever popular headscarf and skin tight clothing combo..

Here's an outfit idea: