25 November 2012

Fluffy fur

I am really liking the fur collar trend at the moment, but it is a bit difficult to pull it off with a headscarf. Or so I thought. Here are some pretty pictures that I wanted to share :)


I found these the other day and have none idea of their sources so if any of the photos belongs to you just let me know.

23 November 2012

Just to get some things straight

In light of some recent comments made across this blog I want to set the record straight on a few things:

1. This blog is not intended to tell you how you should or should not wear your hijabs, or doing anything else for that matter. Quite frankly, I don't care if you choose to walk around in a headscarf and a mini skirt or a full-on tent.

2. I personally dislike the niqaab, I think it is unnecessary and purely cultural - I will always hold this opinion so please deal with it somewhere outside of the comments section.

3. I don't hate Jews or any single group of people. I do hate anyone that oppresses another human being, be they Jewish, Muslim or anything else.

4. If you feel that music, style, perfume, makeup, colour and/or non-abaya-wearing hijabis are haraam, don't tell me about it. I have better things to do than read and reply to your essay.
5. If you feel that my blog is haraam because I am encouraging people to "copy kafirs" and wear "haraam clothes", don't tell me about it. I have better things to do than read and reply to your essay. Like figure out which colour stilettos will best go with my jeggings that day.

18 November 2012

Abaya review: My Batua

Today I am reviewing the Zubi Abaya from online store My Batua. It is a straight, crepe abaya with gathered top layer over shoulder and waist side and comes with a matching hand embodied brooch. The dress comes only in green and apart from the draping detail, it is completely plain - something that I favour in abaya designs. I got it in a size small and length 60".

(Sorry for the quality of the photos, it was an overcast day and I was using my iPhone.)

The material is thin and soft and drapes nicely. I would have liked to see slightly more fitted sleeves as it would have given it a more formal look but overall I was pleased with the cut.  

 The abaya is of a standard quality and the stitching is good although there were some ends where the threads needed to be cut to give a neater finish. It is currently on sale at $51.30, which I think is an okay price for this piece, especially if you are a regular abaya wearer and go to lots of events.

I think this abaya could easily be styled as a dress with the right belt and heels which is most likely how I would wear it.

It came with this beautiful brooch that can also be put into the hair:

The package arrived quickly and was well wrapped. Although I think it could do with modernising, the site itself has a good range of items, including men's clothing and this aweeeesome leather iPad case:

What a steal at $38, I might just have to bag this one!

Overall, I think that this is a nice abaya which would look even better styled as a dress. The quality is not bad for the price and the customer service is excellent. I have reviewed abayas in the past for My Batua and I have found that the fit runs true to size.

The site always has discounts going on so check them out here :)

15 November 2012

11 things I really hate

Have you ever had one of those days where everything annoys you? Yeh, I have that most of the time. OK, that's an exaggeration, but there are certain things that really make me cringe that other people may not bat an eyelid over. Since I have A LOT of uni work to be getting on with I thought I would use my time as productively as possible and write about some things that really hack me off..

1. When I know for a fact that I'm right but the person I'm talking to remains annoyingly unyielding in their own belief.

2. Asian guys that think they're Muslim 50 cents.

3. What's worse than catching someones eye more than once on public transport, when neither of you are anywhere near your stop? Nothing.

4. When people  don't stop talking just to avoid having to sit in silence. I get it can be awkward for some people but there should be natural breaks in a conversation, right?

5. People who smell.

6. The films 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow. Also, Babel because it was so twisted.

7. When men on public transport don't get up for the elderly, frail, pregnant etc. In fact I wish they still got up for women but that's never going to happen..

8. People with high expressed emotion. They tend to have short tempers and are very difficult to reason with. Unfortunately, there appears to be a higher prevalence of this among Arabs.

9. The sound of people eating bananas.

10. The concept of punishment of a human being with solitary confinement.

11. Backseat drivers.
Wow, I feel so much better now. Study, here I come! Actually maybe I'll eat first but THEN I'll definitely start..

03 November 2012

Cheap outfit idea

I should be doing work but the Internet has once again proved to me just how easily distracted I am.

Anywayyy, here's an outfit I put together with items under $50. I really like VBs style, especially her signature long, wide-leg trouser look.

Black bag