26 March 2011

Music: Love it or Shove it?

Like many topics in Islam, I highly doubt that this debate will ever be settled between Muslims. However, I have recently started to wonder if music really is as bad as many Muslims make out. I personally do listen to music, however only certain types. As a lot of English/Western music only ever seems to be about one thing and is more than likely riddled with subliminal messages, I avoid listening to it altogether. However, I do listen to general Arabic music, English nasheeds and instrumental music. I am in no way saying that this is 100% halal, I am just sceptical as to whether I would really be punished for listening to it...

Now, I know of ahadith which say that the last people will attempt to make music (amongst other things) halal and will be burnt in the pits of hell for it. I have also heard that the authenticity of these ahadith have been questioned. I know of ahadith that say that only drums and vocals are permitted on special occasions. But then what about the Prophet Dawood (David) [A] how played the flute?

Some people say it is about how the music makes you feel and what it makes you think. I quite agree, but that is more to do with the what the song is about as opposed to an intrinsic thing within the act of listening to music.

What we must remember is that nowhere in the Quran has Allah (SWT) explicitly said that music or songs are haram. Saying that something is 'haram' is a big deal. It means you will be punished if you carry out said 'sin' and don't repent before you die. It does not seem enter my logic that listening to a song about a subject is not haram will suddenly become haram because it is sung with instruments. If I were to sing the periodic table whilst playing a guitar, would I be punished..? Bit harsh :/ Anyway, what do you think? Love it or shove?

09 March 2011

The End Of Time

It's pretty scary when you think that all of the minor signs of the end of time have already happened :/

I thought that this would be the perfect topic to compliment all that talk of tunics and skirts.


It's not..?

My Top 3 Picks From Shukr's New Arrivals

If there is one type of clothing that I love from the Islamic online store Shukr, it has to be the tunic. They make them stylish yet modest, and best of all they don't need to be worn with hundreds of layers. My two favorite tunics are from the latest collection:

They are £35 and £45, respectively and come in several colours.

I am also loving this skirt. With summer around the corner, I cannot wait to ditch the jeans for a nice maxi skirt :)

The skirt is £35. Check out the rest of their line here!

(P.S. I bought the Speedy :D and I looove it! Thanks for all the advise - even if I didn't take some of it :/ lol)

06 March 2011

No Second Chances

I'd just like to ask you all to keep the Libyans and all other oppressed Muslims in your prayers. May Allah (SWT) grant them victory and make martyrs of those who are being mercilessly murdered for daring to speak out against their oppressors.

04 March 2011


The concept of hijab is slowly being either changed, ignored or forgotten altogether.

This unfortunate fact only hit home when I started university and actually made contact with other Muslims living in the West. Before, I had an ignorant idea that young women chose to adopt the Hijab in the West for the sole reason of obeying Allah (SWT) and that they would be pleasing in character towards Muslim sisters (instead of refusing to return a smile to the hijabi that just walked by but feel a charitable compulsion to offer every Muslim brother a smile. *sigh*) and try their best to stick to the laws of Islam and keep away from things forbidden.

I quickly learnt that I could not have been more mistaken in my judgement.

In this day and age, 'wearing' the hijab to follow the rules of Islam is only one of many reasons a girl may have to do it. It is also the only intention that will lead her to any sort of reward.

I am not about to embark upon a long torrent of holier-than-thou preaching (as I am far flung from perfection), but this is just a small reminder that we should constantly question our intentions in the way we act, talk and dress, especially around those of the opposite sex (it does not cease to amaze me how 'free-mixing' has become something normal and encouraged amongst Muslims).

What is the point in subjecting ourselves to dodgy looks on the underground if our 'hijab' is not actually benefiting us in any way, because the reasons for adopting it in the first place were based on disagreeable intentions?

Anyway, here's something many of you have probably watched before:

(Is it just me, or is the Shaitan made out to be eccentrically charming in this clip..?)