12 February 2011

Everybody Loves Stripes (And Wide Leg Jeans..?)

A casual outfit idea for the spring.

Pink Hijab
A lot of people say to me that because they are not as vertically endowed as others, they cannot get away with wearing wide leg jeans and therefore have no choice BUT to wear skinny jeans...
Here are a few tips for wearing loose bottoms for shorter women:
1. If you are petite and slim, wide leg jeans should work if you opt of a shorter dress and a short cardigan to avoid looking swamped.
2. If you are petite and plus size, go for bootcut jeans but not a shorter dress.
3. Choose a more structured top half (not tight) when wearing wide jeans e.g. blazer.
4. Remember, it is not always about finding clothes to suit your shape and size. It's great if you can do that but maintaining modesty is far more important.
5. Experiment. Trust me, you will find a wide leg style that suits you if you play around with the clothes you have in your wardrobe.
6. Lastly, don't think that because you are wearing wide leg jeans it is OK to wear a long sleeved top tucked into them. It's not. Sorry :(
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Hannah Muminah Abdullah said...


Thanks for sharing

Zarina Hassem said...

As-salaamu-alaykum sister- You have been awarded with the Stylish Blogger Award- You can check this out at: http://muslim-women-exposed.blogspot.com/2011/02/stylish-blogger-award.html

weird diary said...

asalam-o-alaekum sister, i too am a muslim teenager and i want to wear hijab but i am trying to get myself prepared for that. but i have a question for you if you would please answer that, it would really clear some of my queries for which i am delaying wearing hijab.
firstly, the outfits that you put up on the blog and all the styles that are being shown for wearing hijab, isnt this all prohibited? i mean if the basic purpose of hijab is covering ourselves, then why is the rest of the body being so exposed through the promotion of these outfits? isn't this haram? all those skin tight tops and pants, dont they expose our body? is it ok if we just cover our head and wear skin tight clothes at the same time? doesnt this bother our conscience?
all these questions pop up into my head all the time and keep me from wearing hijab, because i wont wear such stuff, i keep my body properly covered, its just my head that remains uncovered. please reply me to clear my doubts.

Aisha'a said...

Thank you soo much for this! I have have stuck to dresses and skirts and never considered pants since i never felt comfortable with going from skirts to pants, but when I saw these looks, I fell in love! and I have my fair share of tunics to wear with these wide leg jeans (I just bought one!) So thank you for putting my doubts at rest.
Peace and love.

Stylish Muslimah said...

Weird diary: As you have gotten to the point of wanting to wear a headscarf, I will assume that you already know the answers to your questions and are simply stating them rhetorically. I must say though, I never wear tight clothes so no, my conscious is not burdened by that. I also never post outfits that are tight, please specify which outfit it is that I have posted which you find to be unaccepatable and I will be happy to discuss the ins and out of my beliefs regarding the hijab. :)

Aisha'a: I'm glad you liked it!!! :D


weird diary said...

okay i get your point, but i am really sorry to say that the jeans and the top shown in this same post is too tight for anyone to expose the body. similarly the sleeveless tops that you have put up for the spring, is it fine to wear? i dont think so. i am sorry if i am being conservative but that's my point of view, you can disagree with it. thats just one example, i've found many other outfits as well. hope you get my point and clear me if i am wrong. :)

Stylish Muslimah said...

Weird: Firstly, the jeans are wide leg jeans. Unless somebody is overweight, they will not look tight. Secondly, did you not ask yourself why a CARDIGAN is included in the outfit..? As I said, please specify which of the outfits you find so offensive.

Lastly, by the way in which you write your comments I can only deduce you find yourself on some sort of self-proclaimed moral high ground. I suggest you stop judging HIJABIS for what they wear when you do not wear a headscarf yourself. I am very reasonable and do not judge non-hijabis for their personal decisions because I realise that I am far flung from perfection. Perhaps you need to come to that conclusion too.

Anonymous said...


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weird diary said...

miss please, i did not mean to be offensive in any way and i am sorry if that hurt you. i was just telling you my point of view and what i think to be right. i have no issues of you guys wearing hijabs neither am i biased about hijabis. you guys are doing a great job wearing them and i want to wear a hijab too. but i needed someone who could inspire me, if they had given me some perfect answers which i am afraid i did not get.
i must say thats an individual point of view and i appreciate you guys doing this all, and inspiring young girls all around the world.
but i would clear myself on the point you gave that i judge hijabis on any scale which is not true. i dont judge women for being hijabis and non hijabis, coz i have seen better non hijabis and the ones who wear them and worse non hijabis than the ones who wear hijab. ijab is not the way to distinguish a girl from the other.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly why I don't like wide leg pants--I'd have to compromise and wear shorter tops. If you're really short like 5 feet the top cannot fall longer than the half way down the butt. Jeggings and I don't know what tight pants are out there these days are first of all not my thing second of all not hijabi appropriate, so I try to find straight leg like the old straight leg style not the ones they have these days which are really either bootcut or slim leg; the old style true straight leg getting hard to find.

FreelyEnslaved said...

I agree, maintaining modesty is much more important than following fashion trends and wearing well-fitted clothes, even if it's difficult. We need to do it for the sake of Allah.

Jess Daniels said...

oh i love wide leg jeans and your cut off ends make it that much more amazing! totally reminds me of the nineties :)