28 December 2010

Pick Meeee..!!!

You may or may not have heard about the 2010 Best Blog Award organised by the SistersWhoBlog Network, but voting time has begun!
So if you like this blog, please vote for Stylish Muslimah here (listed under best fashion blog) before 31st December 2010 :D

21 December 2010

THAT Time Of Year

No, not Christmas time, revision time. For stupid, stupid exams. That's why I have recently disappeared off the face of SM. I do apologise in advance that new posts will be thin on the ground during the next month or so, however, I will carry on moderating comments and will try to post when I can, Insha'Allah. About emails, if I haven't replied, I'm sorry I just don't have the time to properly research for post requests so I will try to get them done in a few weeks time!

I know some of the readers on here are Christians, so I do hope you enjoy the festivities :)

Oh and happy (slightly belated) Islamic new year :D
(Photo is from some arabic site but I really cannot remember which one.. sorry!)

11 December 2010

Undercap Blues

Bones, undercaps, headbands.. whatever you want to call them, they do the same thing and that is slowly and mercilessly thin your hairline. I know that I have done a post on them before (paradoxically, I was saying how versatile and useful they are), but I highly recommend that you do not regularly wear them especially if you are noticing your hair is getting thinner at the front.

Here are some simple tips to prevent your hair from thinning:

1. Scrunchies are a lot gentler on your hair than elastic hair bands. Yes, they are those ugly things from the 1980's but they don't pull on your hair as much because they are made from fabric. I think the best scrunchies to go for are those big, vile velvety ones.. Don't make that face.. No one's going to see!

2. Don't tie your ponytail back too high

3. Never tie the front parts of your hair (i.e. fringe) back with the rest of the ponytail: this will thin your hairline before you know it. Always leave the fringe part untied and..

4. ..pin your fringe with hair pins to the sides of your head. This means there is no weight on those hairs and also means that you don't have to wear an undercap to prevent hair from peaking through.

5. Don't tie the ponytail or headscarf too tightly

6. Not that I think most of you would like to wear them anyway, but I would recommend steering well clear of two-piece hijabs like the Al-Amiras.
(The top photo was taken from yesstyle.com)

25 November 2010

Enough's Enough.

If there is one thing I find utterly detestable, it's got to be The Sect Question.

SO, as of today, I refuse to answer this ridiculous, dividing and not to mention, nosey, enquiry.. It's sickens me that we are so separated. I am simply a MUSLIM; I couldn't give a monkeys about the details of what other Muslims believe - each to their own. Nobody is going to sleep in another person's grave! As long as we all follow the Quran and the Prophet (S), I don't care about anything else. What is with this continuous judgement of each other that we are in no way entitled to be dishing out?! We are supposed to be ONE UMMAH.
A video I found here on YouTube to make you feel all gooy, yay:

United we stand, divided.. well just look around.

19 November 2010

A Modest Outfit For Work

Here's a simple winter work wear idea for you.. (you may want to go for a slightly longer length top if the trousers aren't loose enough):

12 November 2010

Another Style To Try

If you're sick of the bog standard hijab wrap, give this style for FloralCharms a go. The only thing I would definitely advise against is the use of two (or even one) under cap. They are tight and will make your hairline really thin.. also, the simpler a headscarf style is, the better it looks.

11 November 2010

Colour Mistakes

A nice 'article' about colour mistakes in clothing from the Yahoo Lifestyle site:

1) Matchy matchy
“Women’s usual mistake with colour is trying to colour match their entire outfit,” confides Kirsty Attwood, Styling Manager at Selfridges, London. “Gone are the days of the ‘matching shoe and bag’ combination - have fun and add an extra tone or colour to your outfit.”

2) Overkill
Coco Chanel told us to always take one accessory off, and she was right. Too many colours all at once is guaranteed to kill a look. Caroline Hodson, personal shopper at Harvey Nichols, London, has this advice: “Always have in mind that less is more! For example, a key trend this season is leopard print. It’s easy to make the mistake of wearing too much of this print, but when done subtly, say with black skinny trousers this is a fantastic look.”

07 November 2010

The Long Black Skirt

As long skirts and dresses are very in at the moment (of course, for hijabis, they are kinda always in..), I decided to put together an outfit idea for a skirt in slightly cold weather:

Biker Jacket

Of course, don't forget the leggings underneath.. Even though they have become a popular alternative to jeans (in case you haven't noticed..).

03 November 2010

Cardigans - Hijab Style

Sorry I have not been able to post recently, I'm bogged down with university at the moment and all the work that comes with it.. But there's always time for a spot of shopping! Here's a cardigan I recently purchased from Firetrap, I love it as it's so modest but stylish at the same time:

It's great because it's long and covered enough to just about let you get away with wearing skinny jeans without confusing people with that ever popular headscarf and skin tight clothing combo..

Here's an outfit idea:

18 October 2010

Autumn Hijabi

I think most would agree that it is now officially winter and you probably won't get away with trying to trudge around coatless for much longer. If you're not quite ready for the full on wool, however, a big trend this season is the chunky cardigan to rival the traditional coat.. until it gets really cold that is.

Bright Autumn Outfit

Bright Autumn Outfit by Zaenab

12 October 2010

Driving - Hijab Style

Love 'em or hate 'em, you can't deny that hijabis make pretty stylish drivers..

08 October 2010

Formal Wear.. And Jewellery

Quite a while ago somebody requested that I put together a formal outfit that included a long black skirt for an event they would be soon attending. I am aware that the said event has most probably been and gone but here is an outfit idea for you anyway - (sorry for the late response!)
Gold Necklace

While searching for some nice jewellery pieces for this look, (I have used a simple gold chain necklace) I came across a really nice site called My Jewelry Box which sells gold and silver jewelry for quite good prices. I have checked the reviews on several independent shopping websites and they appear to be a trustworthy company so it's well worth a look :)
Hope you like :)

06 October 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts, have just gone back to university so will be busy for a while longer but hopefully I'll be back on track in a few days :)

01 October 2010

Reader's Look: Umm Ibrahim

For the next installment of Reader's Look, I give you Umm Ibrahim from the Old School Hejabi blog and the abaya/hijab shop Arabian Threads. She is a librarian and lives in the USA after spending a year living in Arabia. She is rather fond of the overhead abaya and enjoys experiments with different style while maintaining her Hijab.
Check out her style:

Carrying her baby son in a sling, soo cute :D

In a lovely lace chador which is a kind of overhead abaya but without arm holes:

In Makkah:

Abaya styles:

Love those floral sleeves!

I made a look inspired by her love for abayas..


Thank you Umm Ibrahim :D If you would like to be featured, email me.

29 September 2010

Another Beautiful Recitation - Surat Ya'sin

Of course, we should try to listen to the Quran often but I think it's especially important when we cannot pray to try to make up for it.

28 September 2010

Tablecloth Chic

I have lost count of the number of times that I have read a comment in which the writer orders any woman who chooses to cover according to the laws of Islam to take off what they so endearingly describe as their 'tablecloths'. Now, I don't necessarily think that wearing what looks like a tablecloth is a bad thing.. (neither did Michael Kors in Spring '09, apparently).

Anyway, if they are so adamant that we wear tablecloths, it would be rather rude to deflate their conviction by walking around in, I dunno.. blue bedsheets, perhaps..

Tablecloth Chic

Tablecloth Chic by Zaenab

(P.S. I accidentally deleted the last 25 comments written on the blog.. sorry..modern technology is just too confusing)

19 September 2010


I find myself loving and hating the above look at the same time.. Loving because of it's beautiful modesty and striking monochrome colours and hating because of those ghastly shoes and that 'I'm pregnant' pose. I've reinvented the look with a slightly younger twist, losing the peep-toes but hopefully keeping the modesty:

Monochrome.. Nearly

Monochrome.. Nearly by Zaenab

Of course the dress is intended to be paired with a black long sleeve top underneath :)

17 September 2010

Zain's Request: Roll Neck Tops

SM reader Zain emailed me asking where should could buy polo necks to wear under short sleeved dresses online. Here are a few shops:

1. ASDA Direct: You can get basic viscose roll necks in a range on colours from £6 and wool roll necks from just £8

2. Wallis: Basic viscose roll necks for £26 in a selection of colours

3. House of Fraser: They currently have a sale where you can pick up a jersey polo neck for £7.50 but not all sizes are available.

4. Dorothy Perkins: Basic viscose roll necks for £16 in a few colours

5. Warehouse: For £18, you can get a basic viscose roll neck from a range of mainly dark colours

If you live in the UK, check out Primark (and H&M) where you may find polo necks for cheaper. Hope that helps :)

15 September 2010

Another Headscarf Style To Try

Nearly a year after adopting the Hijab, I am getting so sick of the standard shayla wrap so I was looking for some new styles to give a go on YouTube and found this lovely tutorial by hijabi user aberdeenchap:

Now I'm off to try it myself :)

11 September 2010

Happy International Burn The.. Nevermind..

I don't know why but Pastor Terry Jones vividly reminds me of a clown.

The prophet Jesus/Isa (May Allah's [SWT] peace and blessings be upon him) said:

Be to the people like the earth below in meekness, like the flowing water in generosity and like the sun and the moon in mercy, which shine on the good and sinner alike."
(Oh and Eid Mubarek everyone :D :D :D - Love from Zaenab)

06 September 2010

Eid Look

An outfit idea for Eid that I made on Looklet..

Just add a plain scarf to complete :)

02 September 2010

Randon Pics

These outfits are designed by Rizalman Ibrahim for Puteh Boutique and I think they make great style inspiration.

The pose tells me that she's probably fasting..

Of course there are minor hijab tweaks needed but we all know that.

30 August 2010

Mums The Word

Sorry guys, I really don't mean to be patronizing with these reminder videos but I just had to post this:

A Quick Style Tip: Coil-less Pins

I was searching for hijab pins online when I came across these nifty safety pins from pinzpinzpinz.com. They don't have the coil so they won't snag your scarves.. Unfortunately, the small gold ones are not available at the moment, only the bigger silver ones are. They sell at 5 for £1. You can also get them from this ebay shop for £1.50 for 10 pins :)

27 August 2010

It's Not Just Eating That Breaks Your Fast..

I made a pact with a friend a few months ago to stop talking about other people behind their backs and I honestly thought it would be a piece of cake.. But it was only when I was actively forcing myself not to that I realised how easy it is to backbite and not even be aware of it. I hope very much that I have not broken the deal we made but we all need reminding from time to time and what better time to turn over a new leaf than in Ramadan? So why not decide to stop committing gheeba, for good?
This should put you off the gossip for sure..

"O you who believe! Avoid much suspicion, for some suspicions are a sin. Do not spy on one another, nor backbite one another. Would one of you love to eat the flesh of his dead brother? Nay, you would abhor it. And fear Allah. Indeed, Allah is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful." Qur'an, [49:12]

"He does not utter a [single] word, except that there is, with him, [an angel] ready and waiting [to record it]." Qur'an, [50:18]

25 August 2010

The Blue-Green Look: Love It or Shove It?

It breaks all the fashion rules in the book and features the infamous harem style jumpsuit.. Are you googling 'lime green cardigan with matching scarf' or does it make you thankful that you're fasting as you might just have thrown up?

21 August 2010

Masoomah Jilbab Review

I while ago I said that I had ordered the above jilbab from Masoomah Jilbabs - I have since received (and returned..) it and have decided to write a review on the site and the product.
Shop review:
Quality of website:

Aesthetically speaking and by comparison to popular fashion sites, it's not the best by a long shot; but by comparison to popular abaya and jilbab sites, it's quite average. In terms of ease of use, it's relatively simple to navigate and order from. I has a very wide selection of jilbabs and abayas as well as scarves.

Overall rating: 3/5

Customer service:
Too informal for my liking: I was called up by a woman from Masoomah asking me to text her my sizes. Although she was friendly, I didn't feel it was professional enough for a company that started in 2001.

The jilbab arrived in relatively good time considering that they alter the garment to your size. P&P was well priced.

I am a firm believer that you can tell the quality of an online company from their returns policy. In order to return an item at Masoomah, you have to email the company telling them that you want to return it and then they email you the returns address. You then must pay to return it unless it is faulty or incorrect, in which case they will pay. This procedure is far to long-winded and will make me think twice about purchasing from Masoomah again.

Overall rating: 2.5/5

Value for money:

I think the abayas and jilbabs are very well priced, with a basic jilbab costing around £35. The tweed one above was £31.99.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Jilbab Review:

- Where else can you get a tweed abaya?!
- Good length
- Perfect for winter


- The sleeves look lovely in the photo but are far too poofy in real life so they make your arms look disproportionately fat
- It's heavy to wear
- The colour in the photo is nicer than it really is

Even though the review sounds a bit harsh, I would actually recommend the site because of it's wide range of jilbabs, good prices and most importantly, it's safe to purchase from. Good for a full time jilbab wearer, but just not for me.

Overall rating for Masoomah: 3/5

20 August 2010

A Non-Muslim Perspective: 5 Benefits Of Fasting

I found this article by Gabrielle Lim on this non-Muslim website.. It's a nice little read:

The 5 Benefits Of Fasting — For Your Mind, Soul, And Body

With start of Ramadan approaching on Saturday, I thought it’d be apt to put up a guide to the benefits of fasting. Whether you’re religious or not, fasting is something that has permeated every culture, religion, and history.

And for good reason. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it for religious reasons or health reasons, fasting can be a way to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul.

Enjoy these 5 benefits and if you’re currently fasting or will be in the near future, drop a comment. I’d love to hear what your reasons were for your decision.

1. Retune your digestive system

Not many people know this but fasting can be a way for you to give your digestive system a tune up. According to Dr. Naomi Neufeld, an endocrinologist at UCLA, “You re-tune the body, suppress insulin secretion, reduce the taste for sugar, so sugar becomes something you’re less fond of taking.”
What happens is that the body eventually uses up the stored sugar (glycogen) so that less insultin is needed to help the body digest food. And that gives your pancreas a rest.

2. Reduce your intake of free radicals
Mark Mattson, a scientist with the National Institute on Aging, has reported that fasting can reduce your intake of free radicals, which can cause cancer. In fact, according to Mattson, “These free radicals will attack proteins, DNA, the nucleus of cells, the membranes of cells. They can damage all those different molecules in cells.”

Even just reducing your calorie intake can have the same effects as a fast. In a study amongst rats and mice, it was noted that those who were fed very little and restricted in their food intake had a reduction in disease compared to those who were fed normal daily diets.

3. Speed up your journey to self-discovery
We are all creatures of habit. And eating, just like smoking and sleeping, is a habit. What happens during a fast is that by taking away such an essential part of your daily routine, you mess up your whole schedule. This sounds bad but it’s not. It’s really a time to reflect on your routines and give you a pause to think about how you want your life to move forward.

By fasting, you become more conscious of yourself and you can take the time usually spent eating to meditate, journal, or do any other form of reflection.

4. Increase your gratitude
How could you not be grateful to break your fast? And after each day when you do break fast, it’s a celebration. A celebration for a completed day of fasting, reflection, and persistence. So rejoice and celebrate your success! Show gratitude to yourself and others.

And when you break your fast, you will be very very happy to taste food again. And contrary to some beliefs, you won’t binge on food. In fact you will be more conscious of what you allow into your body and feel gratitude for the food you receive.

5. Launch yourself into your ideal life
Sounds like a pretty big benefit for something as simple as fasting. But it’s true. When you begin your fast you can take this time to break old patterns, examine your current situation, and use it as the starting point for a whole new life.

What really makes this possible is that by fasting you are exhibiting control over yourself and your situation. And controlling your eating habits may be one of the hardest things to do. For each day you complete a successful fast, you condition your mind into to believe it can and will do anything. You are training your mind to be successful. And after days of a successful fasting your mind will be neurologically conditioned for success.

So the next time you set a goal for yourself, it’ll be easier to attain!

There are tons more reasons why fasting can be good for you and before you begin a fast, check out some resources for the safest and best way to do so.

18 August 2010

Eating Out

If you are planning to eat iftaar out this Ramadan, here's an outfit idea that I made on Looklet..

Not quite sure how I managed this, actually.. Iftaar was an hour ago and I'm stuuuffed.. :O

14 August 2010

The High Street Abaya

Well, it's as close to a high street abaya as you're going to get anyway... Feast your eyes on this long sleeve maxi from Oasis:
All you need to do is get this dress a couple of sizes up and voila, you have your very own £30 abaya - perfect for summer and winter. In fact, it would end up looking not too different to this Aab abaya which would set you back £84.99.. ouch.

Oasis' latest drop is actually pretty impressive, check out these Hijab-friendly pieces..

£55 maxi.. (It would be nice for a ladies only event):

Versatile skirt for £30..

This next skirt is on sale at £10:

I've left the best to last:

And it's only 70 quid.. Bargain!