16 August 2010

A Must See Video - What Really Happens In Iraq

If this does not reduce you to tears I really don't know what will..


julaybeeba said...

this is Sick!!!!
Alhamdillah allah will provide justice on judgement day

Becky said...

Thank you for sharing, I was crying pretty much the whole time whilst watching. InshaAllah the world will start to wake up and start to do something to stop these monstrosities.

Coffee Catholic said...

That was horrific.

Umm Kadhim said...

la ḥawla wa la quwwata illa billah!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting this up. May God guide these soldiers to see very person as human. That no one is less human than another. And fill their their hearts with compassion and love for another human being instead of hatred and revenge. May more soldiers speak up like Ethan. All wars MUST END!

Arn sweetrider said...


"Oh Yeah! look at that, right through the windshield! ha ha"
they are zalim. all the victims are shaheed and promised with specialities by ALLAH.

"I think they drove over a body. Ha ha"
death are just some sort of funny things for them. something to be laughed?!

"well, it's their fault for bringing their kids into a battle"

what battle?i thought that van was just trying to rescue the living victims.

and lastly McCord say
"my humanity overcome everything"

i hope all of you(U.S army) were but sadly you're not.just not.

Ida Bakar said...

Seen this and it made me very angry. It is a video game war where where every man (woman and child) is the enemy to be pulvarised from on high. The soldiers were to shoot if they feel threatened, well, if the premise of the war is Bush-Blair paranoia, should the soldiers think differently? The CO then said that the children have no business being in a war zone - the whole country is a war zone! As for compensation for the murdered civilians, the US don't even count Iraqi deaths.
In a few weeks it would be the sixth anniversary of Falluja. When the muslim world was celebrating Eid, Iraqis were gun down and their corpses rot on the streets because anyone helping would be shot.

ZINAH said...

sad :(
May Allah make it easy and better for them Ameen

great blog by the way, mashallah keep up the great work :)

feel free to check out mine:

love and peac

jtz said...

I found that so incredibly moving...May Allah help all those suffering in other countries because of those abusing power...ameen