30 May 2015

Advice from Imam Ali (as) to his son ^-^

"O my son, learn 4 things and (a further) 4 things from me. Nothing will harm you if you practise them:

- the richest of riches is intelligence
- the greatest poverty is foolishness
- the wildest wildness is vanity 
- the best achievement is goodness of character.

O my son, you should avoid making friends with:

- a fool because he may intend to benefit you but actually harm you; 
- a miser because he will run away from you when you need him most; 
- a sinful person because he will sell you for nought; 
- a liar because he is like a mirage, making you feel far things near and near things far."

Imam Ali (as) to his son Al-Hasan (as) 
[Arabic to English translation.]