30 November 2009

It's Getting Cold :(

I really don't mind winter actually but it's the rain I can't stand.. anyone in London who commutes will feel my pain - why are the bloody train services subject to weather only? On normal days they're fine but as soon as the heavens open it's like Armageddon.. Anywayy I won't rant today I really need to do some work, so here's a simple outfit for the cold and casual but not so rainy days.

Purple Bag

Purple Bag by Zaenab

29 November 2009

Eid Mubarek :D

Sorry it's late :S I've been a bit busy. I thought I'd make a few tweaks to the blog layout as I, understandably, got bored of plain white after a year. If you don't like it don't worry, I will no doubt, have another blog-midlife crisis.

24 November 2009

Comfort Shopping Is SOO Much Better Than Comfort Eating

Yes I have a shopping addiction, I have already realised that... Oh well. Here's my latest buy! I can't wait for it to arrive :D It was 45 GPS with p&p from Shukr, I think that's not bad as it is 70% wool and it is winter after all, yep, I need it :P

So what do you think, worth it? (Yes, of course!!)

22 November 2009

It's A Fair Affair..

Following some comments I had in previous posts about how there aren't any black Muslimah models out there I wanted to prove that models are in no way more beautiful on the 'lighter' side. Coming from an Arab culture where generally speaking the lighter you are, the better (has anybody seen that bloody "fair and lovely" advert?! I actually want to scratch their eyes out and ask them wth they are trying to make themselves look so western?) I have had to put up with being told that Arabic/Asians who are quite frankly plain Janes (or more fittingly, plain Aishas..) are gorgeous because they are all fair and lovely.. In fact I have found the more stunning models have a bit of colour in them (although you can't quite apply this theory to the runway as most of them are pale and underfed anyway..)

SO, enough of my rant.. here are some not so fair yet lovely black Muslimahs:

I looove this!
Check out the Around The World: Hijab Style posts for more and stick two fingers up at "Fair and Lovely". Black is beautiful!! I feel like I shouldn't even be having to clarify this point but I guess some people are still a bit shallow..

17 November 2009

Hijab Styling Tutorials: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

The net absolutely is brimming to the rim with hijab styling ideas but sorting the wheat from the chaff can be quite a daunting prospect so usually I just give up and stick to a couple of my everyday styles. In a moment of madness, however (most probably brought on by the fact that I have inhumane amounts of university work to do..) I thought I'd take on the world of hijab tutorials head on - with google. Here's a sample of what I dug up, with comments of course..

The 'it looks simple enough but in hijab reality, with that material, it would actually require nine pins to stay in place' look:

The 'perfect for work' look that makes us seriously consider a broach or two..

The old faithfuls, ahh how we love you:

The evolution of the old faithfuls: they have got their perks of course, but are never quite as trusty (or as simple) as the originals:

The 'I went to bed in my (bargin bucket) headscarf and one earring' look.

The elegant drape look:

The old 'I have a headache' look

And last but by all means not least, the 'Igal and Shemagh looks better on women anyway..' look

So which is your favorite? (I know you probably won't be able to answer that as the choice of stylish looks out there is just so extensive..!)

14 November 2009

Hijabi Beginner: Having Doubts?

When you realise that you should be adhering to the laws of hijab (and if you are a practising Muslimah, you will sooner or later, Insha'Allah), you can suddenly find a million questions and contradictions to prevent you from wearing it and we all know who that's from.. If you are currently in this predicament, then this video that I found on you tube might make things seem simpler, afterall the concept of hijab is a very simple one but it's choosing to follow it that's the hurdle:

10 November 2009

Outfit Ideas: A Smart Jilbab

I loove this look! If anyone knows where you can get jilbabs like this online or in London, please let me know :D

01 November 2009

I Tried Out Abaya ^-^

So yesterday, we went out and I decided to give abaya a go and not to keep putting it off as I knew we would be going to the mosque as well at some point during the outing. I really liked it and didn't have to worry about if my jeans were too tight or have to constantly pull my dress down while walking along a busy street. I felt like I was properly doing my bit to wear hijab and got to wear skinny jeans at the same time, win win situation! Here's roughly what I wore, I put it with a Turkish styled hijab because (no offence..) but even though I'm Arabic I didn't want to look like an Arab wannabe (as I know a black abaya is not the only form of jilbab).. they are kind of everywhere.. :P lol.


Abaya by Zaenab