14 November 2009

Hijabi Beginner: Having Doubts?

When you realise that you should be adhering to the laws of hijab (and if you are a practising Muslimah, you will sooner or later, Insha'Allah), you can suddenly find a million questions and contradictions to prevent you from wearing it and we all know who that's from.. If you are currently in this predicament, then this video that I found on you tube might make things seem simpler, afterall the concept of hijab is a very simple one but it's choosing to follow it that's the hurdle:


Zuhura said...

I started reading your blog because I liked that you explore different ways of wearing hijab for women who choose to do so. But I was so offended by the dogmatism of your post and this video that I am unsubscribing.

Anonymous said...

wack video

btw, what is "dogmatism"? lol

-indonesian prince

NeverEver said...


Personally I find you to be the *LEAST* "dogmatic" of the hijab fashion bloggers.

You encourage women to start and don't criticize if they aren't all the way there yet.

What more could you ask for?!?

Please don't take that first comment to heart. We really love you and are still subscribing.


ModestJustice said...

Totally agree with NeverEver

I always look forward to your posts concerning new hijabis, even though I've been 'wearing' it for nearly three years, I've fully embraced for 2. Your blog helps with the process of being a hijabi for me, new or old.

Candice said...

I totally echo NeverEver and ModestJustice! I cannot see any reason for the first commentor's comment! What can cause offense?! I can't see it even when I try! How can someone interested in hijab not be able to accept the idea that people believe it's obligatory?

Zaenab said...

Zuhura: As I also did not know what 'dogmatism' meant, I looked it up on Microsoft Word, as you do lol and a synonym of it is 'stubbornness'. I'm not sure where in my post I sound stubborn, please clarify.. Also, as I stated in the first of the posts, the "Hijabi Beginner" section of this blog is aimed at and written for hijabi beginners and girls thinking of adhering hijab.

I apologise for any unintentional offence that the post might have caused you and also that you have unsubscribed. Of course, the plus side is that I no longer have to wait with baited breath for my first unsubscriber..


Zaenab said...

Everyone else: Glad you like the video as much as I did :D


Allah, the first & the last said...

Muy Bueno, oh sorry I'm spanish hehe, ok ammm i like this video, this blog is a good tool that allow the world understand whos is the live of muslims women. COngratulations

Muslim boy

Zuhura said...

Dogmatism refers to the authoritative statement of belief without room for other opinions or interpretations.

Your statement, and the position of the video, that wearing hijab is a law that all women should follow is a dogma that I cannot support. It is one interpretation of the Koran, not *the* interpretation.

According to the Koran there is no compulsion in religion.

Candice said...

She believes it's obligatory for a Muslim woman and wants to help support others who also believe it's obligatory but are not wearing it. This is called supporting and encouraging.

As someone who does not necessarily believe that it's obligatory, I am in no way offended by this post of her's.

About "no compulsion in religion", most people would interpret that to meaning that you cannot force someone to accept a religion. She is not forcing anyone to accept Islam. She's not even forcing them to accept hijab, she's just encouraging the ones who wish to to overcome their hurdle.

I think that as someone who doesn't believe in hijab, you should just not feel targeted by the post and go on with your life.

M.J. said...

hmm. just because she believes something, doesnt mean she should tune it out because you find it offensive. it's her blog, and she is not be offensive and bashing everyone with her opinion. she just posted a video!

Taz said...

To Zuhura, the first comment:

I want to say that at least this encourages Muslim women to START wearing hijab, regardless how they wear it, but it is better than nothing. Once a Muslim woman gets used to it, then she will have more confidence to wear it the right way.

Clever Idiot said...

Dear Zuhura,
As stated above, these posts are for HIJABI BEGINNERS as in those who have already decided they want to don the hijab but just need their questions answered or just a little encouragement- it is not in any intended for non-hijabis who do not wear hijab (& do not wish to either)

On a side note:
I've been lurking around reading your blog for some time Zaenab but finally plucked up the courage to actually comment lol xD Just wanted to say these hijabi beginner posts are useful even for those of us who aren't beginners (& have been wearing hijab for years, in my case!) but need a little reminder now & then of what it means to be a hijabi- keep it up! =D

Stylish Muslimah said...

Clever Idiot: Aww your comments are so sweet :) I'm not bothered to reply to such antagonistic people these days, they make me laugh. Btw, yes the girl in the other post was the one that sued and thanks for the links on the cartoon posts! :D

Ps. Nice name.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but people saying "she believes it is obligatory" and Zuhura saying that is dogmatic and only one interpretation of the Qur'an. I must say something here. There is only 1 interpretation of certain things. Such as the hukm for alcohol, pig, salah, zakat, khilafah, sawm, hajj. Some are definately haram and others are definately fardh and halal.

Hijab is like that too. There is no valid Islamic opinion that says it is not obligatory. Any scholar that is on the Sunnah will tell you the only difference of opinion comes in when it is regarding covering the face. The face covering is a minority opinion and the majority opinion that that is is not obligatory to do so.

English translation of 'modest' does not mean that is all hijab is. Qur'an is in Arabic. Allah revealed this Qur'an in arabic is from Qur'an even. So you must analyse and access laws of Allah from the arabic. You cannot extract legal rulings from the english meaning. Anything but arabic is not actually Qur'an. That is mushaf.

If hijab was not obligatory then why did the Prophet admonish Asma bint Abi Bakr when she came in to his home and said the only 2 things that should be seen of a girl after they hit puberty is the face and the hands (which he indicated through pointing to them). He (RasulAllah) said this because Asma bint Abi Bakr (yes Aisha's sister) was wearing a sheer dress. This was the custom of the people. Some rules like the style, brightness or lack of colour is up to culture and custom of the people but hijab is not up for questions, such as it is haram for a women to go out with make up and perfume on.

So we are clear. Hijab is obligatory, and there is no interpretation of this that is valid within Islam.

Anonymous said...

"There is no valid Islamic opinion that says it is not obligatory. Any scholar that is on the Sunnah will tell you"

thats simple... i tell you why- all this sholars are men. the time, a woman was a important sholar is lonag ago. think its round ~8xx so, it isnt that simple-men have their position al the fitaous lolipopflesh woman and some woman have to use their head (like its told in the q´ran. you wont find a ayat where you can read:dont think for yourself, there are sholars which will do it better, know shut up and bend over...)

in the qran there is no hijab-exept the ayat which are about the women of the prophet(sas) and i think nobody here is such one, or am i wrong? hijab in these ayat is like.. paravent or something.

and ob the other ayat it says khmar-wich doesnt mean headscarv, it means cloth. there are no details on te kind of cloth, it could be a napkin, a scarf. and it says:cover your beauty and ornaments. Please, nobody says-wrap a tent about your head.

and , maybe you know it, some people doesnt believe in hadeeth. aisha, may peace be upon her, contradicted hadeeth, which were told by Abu Hueira (its said, that he told abou 60.000 hadeeth, but aisha told maybe ~2.00 (but she lived longer with the prophet.. someone mentioned, that if all of abuHs hadeeth were correct, abuh has had to collect over 120 Hadeeth per day.. thats not realistic, so i think most of the misogynist hadeeth were nive interventions from men who want to keep their power.. the prophet(sas) worked with women, he heard them on politics and foollowed their suggestions...

and-on hijab-you dont know, what the arabs have worn a 600.. a medieval painting from europe shows a burqa-like outfit as a traditional clothing for arabs, so maybe this is traditional cloth and not islamic... and hair istn that erotic (except for muslim with a malfunctioned image (of women.. this is so oversxualized.. here in europe you can talk with men without this strahnge tension-but many uslim men cant talk to woman normally, beacuse theyve learned, that the woman is fitna at all and they are like animals which cant behave.. thats sick- sry. nuff said, men who want to save their power over woman.. the prophet might cry in heaven, i think..

and on the video-that is sooo sad, this simple black and white scheme
as there is only fashion victim or hijabi-thats wroong yes, there are people which dont give a shot on this fashion thing, which donst starve, dont shop, . i need 10 minutes at the bathroom, o dont use makeup and my last visit on the coiffeur was 2 years ago..i dont give ashit on other peoples opinion... and now? i dont match. i dont dye hair, i habe 2 pairs of shoes-on for witer, one for summer...i dont need hijab to be unsexy, i dont need sexyness, i am myself, that is important.. earing hijab is the same shit as wearing fashion-its invented by men which doesnt have a clue how it is to be a woman.. so think for your self-choose for yourself..

oh and-i think that everyone should choose and if somewone want towear hijab its okay. this is a free country(i hope) so choose. but dont tell, that something is oblieged only because old men said that it were. you have your connection to allah, so ask him.

i have no problem with modesty-i war hijab, i wars modest clothing, but were modest befor, because other people dont bother me.. they aren´´t important, god is important and his word-the q´ran.. but this nice little stories which are 1500years old (telephone-effect)are-nice littel stories.. sometimes they are helping (for prayer) but most time they help men keep their power over women (which are fitna, dumb, all time taling, in hell, like a dog.. and all these nice things, you know..

i am german, so beside these typing errors there is my struggle with this language^^

Stylish Muslimah said...

Anon: I get the gist of your point.

Yes, nobody has told you to wrap a tent around your head. But hijab is obligatory in Islam, not because an "old man" said it but because it is a command from Allah (SWT).


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog. I am a new Muslim and I know, I feel, in my soul that I wil be better for wearing Hijab but I have all of the fears expressed here in your blog. I will continue to read through all of your past posts and look forward to your future posts. You are a blessing. Karima