30 August 2012

Mecca for the rich: Islam's holiest site 'turning into Vegas'

I have touched upon this subject before and expressed my great annoyance at the way Saudi Arabia is developing shops and hotels and demolishing holy sites at a shocking rate. This article by The Independent highlights the problem, I definitely recommend you reading it and reblogging if you can. 

I really hope that something can be done before it's too late, though I'm not optimistic at all. I read once that a sign of the end of time is that hajj will turn into a holiday and that is certainly what has happened, whether or not you care to admit it.

27 August 2012

Awesomely dressed hijabis

Call me a shallow but one thing I love to see is a beautifully dressed human being, or better still, beautifully dressed hijabi. I often scrutinise what people wear as opposed to how they look because we all control what we put on our backs. I mean we can't control our genes but we can control our jeans.. OK that was a lot funnier in my head.. 

Anyway, here are a few photos I found of some awesome hijab outfits:


24 August 2012



I've watched this too many times. I need to get off YouTube and find a hobby.

21 August 2012

My utterly superficial wish list...

I feel like making a pointless list of all the enticingly superficial things I want :) Enjoy.

The Micheal Kors link watch - what a beauty <3>

White BMW Z4, need I say more?

Cartier 18 carat gold, colored diamond, emerald and onyx tiger ring. Purfect.

Speaking of which... I want one!

I've wanted a Burberry scarf forever! They look so cool as hijabs.

For me, the ultimate bag is the Chanel flap bag. I think that's mainly due to it's increasingly unattainable price tag (a few years ago it cost a grand, now it's 3..). If I could I would get in caviar leather and gold hardware, in the jumbo size.

I've always wanted to get henna art done on my hands but just never have. Really like this design:

How cool are these spiked flats? I love that they don't cover the whole shoe like most studded flats:

I'm so ready to switch from iPhone.

I love this style of perfume bottle T shirt, I want!

And last but not least on my list..

Joke. JOKE!!

20 August 2012

Eid Mubarek

Hope you all had a great Eid. I cannot believe how fast Ramadan went by! Sorry for the lack of posts by the way, I have been really busy lately but I'll try to get back into it insha'Allah.

05 August 2012

Review: Modefa

I was recently sent two lovely scarves to review from mymodefa.com, a US based store specialising in hijabs and accessories. Both of the scarves were from the Turkish "Aker" range.

The first thing that I noticed was the beautiful packaging of the scarves. I think that attention to these details really sets a store apart from others, especially with so much competition these days. I really wanted to show you guys the wrapping of the scarves but my mum accidentally recycled the card before I could take some snaps, sorry!

Anyway, here are the scarves.

I really like the square silk one even though I don't tend to wear square hijabs. It also looks great on bags. Both scarves arrived without a crease by the way, that was totally my fault :/

I got my mum to model them for me :)

You can find the pink one here. It currently retails at $27.50 - not bad for an Aker scarf, although it is very thin and therefore would need to be worn with an underscarf if you want more coverage. I really like the dusty pink colour and the boarder of the scarf, it's very summery.

The silk scarf is not big but it is big enough to wear in a shayla style if you don't like the common Turkish style. You can find it here. It retails are $49.99 (down from $54.99), I think this is a little pricey, although it is 100% silk.

I adore the combination of the ditsy flowers with the stripes, too cute!

There is currently a sale doing on at Modefa so definitely go check them out. Also, SM readers can get an extra 10% of the Spring 2012 silk scarves by using the code "ramadan12".

Hope Ramadan is going well :)