22 January 2010

Lastest (and last) Buy(s)

Okayyy, after these I'm officially not buying anything related to bags, clothes, accessories and shoes.. ever. So I bought this dress from ASOS they day before yesterday, I wanted it before it went on sale so it wasn't really an impulse buy. It was £35 from £48, which I'm down with:

And I just had to buy these boots from New Look yesterday, they are soo cute and they're all furry inside, yayyy lol :D (they were £16 with my student discount):
But that's it, from now on, I'm just going to comfort eat. Anywayy, I was bored of revising bloody metabolism so thought I'd share my latest finds ^-^ better get back to it..

19 January 2010


Even the word itself is distasteful. Well that's the reason for the lack of posts anyway.. They don't finish until beginning of Feb and I'll probably need several days to recover in a darkened, sterile room before I'm back to normal. So just to tell you that posts will be thin on the ground over the next couple of weeks. But don't worry I'll probably fail everything and get chucked out of uni and then I'll have all the time in the world to post, not once, not twice but three times a day. Who needs a career? Not me.. nope..

13 January 2010

Arm Candy

Check out my latest beloved bag, I didn't even complain that much that my journey to uni took 3 hours today and I missed an exam because of the bloody snow and it was aaall because I had my trusty arm candy by my side. It was £70 but so worth it:

You can get it from the Fiorelli site here, but it's out of stoke atm :S shame.

09 January 2010

The Best And Worst Hijab Looks Of 2009

I had quite a few more photos but they got lost when my previous laptop died :( Anyway here are the ones I managed to save. There are considerably more 'best' outfits, this is not because I couldn't find any horrible hijab outfits (all you have to do is google 'Egyptian hijab style' after all..) but because I don't want to post too many eyesores at once :S

Starting off with my favorite hijabi celebrity from the 'Celebrity Style Steal' posts, Muna Abu Sulayman! Her style is wonderful and was definitely my favorite person to post about. Check out the post here.

Next, the two best hijab wedding dresses I came across in 2009. I love the white one!!! For the full post and for the link to the shop you can buy them, click here.

Perfect for the modest non-hijabi as well :D

Favorite runway looks. For me, the Iranian runway is one of the best, I loooove the last dress and simple hijab style on the first pic although I would pair with straight leg jeans instead..

One of my favorite Rabia Z looks showcased on the runway :D (Although some others could have easily made it on the 'worst' list too :S) My very first post of all time, ever, was on Rabia Z. Check it out here:

This has to be my fave catwalk photo:

The one that actually pulled off the hijab and hat look...

And the one that didn't..

For more hijab and hat looks check out the related 'love it or shove it post' here.

My favorite smart looks from '09:



And my worst ever supposedly smart looks, sometimes I wonder who on God's earth actually sat down and designed such monstrosities?

I may well have seen this woman in a nightmare..

OK, this one makes me laugh, I can't actually take the outfit seriously because I'm reminded so strongly of a butterfly that someone has swatted.

Other faves: The perfect abaya..

For more on accessorizing your hijab, check out this post.

And finally, the worst hijab style? The old bandage look of course.

Hope you liked :D

07 January 2010

Looklet - The New Polyvore

Forget polyvore, looklet.com is the new and funner way to create outfits. I heard about it from Ange at Hegab Rehab and I am slightly addicted! Check it out if your bored, or like me, have revision you need to avoid.. Anywayy, here's a look I made earlier, just add a headscarf :D

06 January 2010

I'm Back :D

My shiny new pink laptop arrived today yayy, (go you guys for delivering in this snow!) so I should start posting as usual just as soon as the novelty wears off lol. I do have exams coming up in a couple of weeks though so won't be posting as often. Hope you're all good ^-^
P.S. Yehh I know, the pic has no relevance.. but you gotta love it :D