20 October 2008

I'm in love with a wedding dress

Yes..it's true. This wedding dress to be precise:

And here are some others that more that satisfactory..

I love that middle one, but they are all so pretty. And they are all very fairly priced too :D The dresses are from this website (which in my opinion is the best website on the net for wedding dresses with hijab) so go and check out their full range now!


hijabee said...

So prettyyyyy!

M.J. said...


Stylish Yehudi said...

The first dress is absolutely fab! It's actually a skirt and blouse, right? Anyway, thanks for these and all your offerings. Fantastic for us Frum (religious) Jews as well, who conform to similar provisions of modesty.

Difference is for us, we can't cover our hair until we're married. Darn! Some of those hijabs are so alluring... Makes it worth it to get married, eh??? ;-)

Stylish Yehudi

Zaenab said...

Stylish Yehudi:

I'm really glad to see that a Jew reads my blog as well! :D How come you have to wait till you're married to cover you're hair? The dresses are lush though, deffo make me want to get married haha ^-^


Anonymous said...

Lovely and pretty.. love it!!!