22 October 2008

Celebrity Style Steal..Sheikha Mozah

Today I'll be stealing Sheikha Mozah of Qatar's look. She is very much the queen of glam who makes modesty beautiful..I simply love her style. Take a look at some of her glamorous outfits:

This outfit is so sophisticated, I love the dark red fur at the arms and neck

It's pretty hard to carry off a white suit but Mozah does it with tremendous ease, you go girl!

I love the beautiful, rich blue dress she's wearing and those earrings certainly don't look like they came cheap.. I know some of you might think it's not hijab because she generally doesn't cover her neck but it's neither my place nor business dictate this and I think she still looks modest in her outfits anyway.

Looking the part in this cream number..

Wow, nice suit! I love the cute little jacket she's wearing. This style jacket is great if you want your legs to appear longer and it also helps to proportion a larger figure (not that she needs this tip!)

And lastly, here my steal:

She just owns the carpet in that flowy lilac dress, keep it up Mozah!
I hope you liked checking out Sheikha Mozah's style :D


*~Ange~* said...

oohh nice...
middle eastern jackie O

M.J. said...

masAllah she's gorgeous. agree with ange on the jackie o thing

abaya chic said...

yea as soon as i saw it i thought "mashallah very Jackie o"

Zaenab said...

whos jackie o lol?

Inspired Muslimah said...

Salaams sis,
She is gorgeous! And I think she looks wonderful..Oh and Jackie O, Is Jackie kennedy Onassis, John F.Kennedys's wife and she was totally fly...Do a google search for Jackie kennedy onassis and plenty of pics will come up and you will understand more. and yes she it totally a middle eastern Jackie O!

mishka said...

she does look beautiful but its far from hejad idea. its look more like wrap around head and long skirt with jacket.