10 October 2008

'My$tyle' (Rusul) - A Polyvore Genius

As you probably know, I love Polyvore so very much. I think it's great for getting inspiration and making your own outfits without spending money you don't have hehe. Personally, I use it for making hijabi outfits and so do many others including a called Rusul. She recently entered a 'Winter Hijab' competition on my Polyvore group 'Fav and Comment: Hijab Style' and got first place :D So I have decided to post some of her other sets here as they are so nice and give a lot of inspiration for modest outfits. So here are some if my faves:

This set is so cute! It uses soft, light colours and perfectly mixes casual with smart to create an elegant yet 'not tried too hard' look..

Rusul seems to like her celebs and 'hijabifying' their looks. I think shes done a great job here, and its better than JLOs look in my opinion lol..

Shes also great with sets involving maxi dresses, I think these two are fantastic for the summer! She has made sure that they are light and airy for the hot weather but maintained an appropriate level of modesty. Great!

This next one is deffo one of my faves, its so chic and trendy and shows Rusul isn't just a girly girl lol. I love that tunic and the leather jacket compliments it perfectly to create a 'I threw it on but it still looks good' look ..

And most importantly, the winner of the winter hijab contest was..

I love everything about this set, it goes soo well together and I would not hesitate to wear it (if only I had the clothes..). Speaking of which, if you liked any of the clothes used in the sets just click on the set and that will take you to Polyvore and then click on the clothes to find out the website it's from.

Click here to check out the other winners and entries in the 'Winter Hijab' contest and click here to check out Rusul's other lush sets.


janan said...

You have be tagged by Me. Now you have to make a post saying “i was tagged” answer my question about you and tag 5 more people

lots of love sweety

M.J. said...

OOOooh I love her stuff!! Everything is so feminine and pretty

*~Ange~* said...

i love Jlo's outfit.. love her top!