12 October 2008

The Designer Hijab

Just like hair styles, people get fed up with the same old hijab. Yeh, you can swap it for the pink sparkly one or that pretty green one you haven't worn in a while but what if you want a hijab with a bit more edge to it, a notch above the rest of the 'Plain Jane' hijabs? Well feast your eyes on the beauties that are designer scarves:
Louis Vuitton head scarf..what a stunner *jealous*

Ohh, another one..a nicer one..
Hmm, I hope it's not fake:

What I would not give for one of these!! I truely believe the key to my heart is a (real!) chanel head scarf (yeh, yeh it's shallow lol..):

Okay, I have left the best to last..brace yourselves. Dolce and Gabbana people, yes it's real and it's onlyyy a few hundred pounds..
Don't know about you but I am in love and I absolutely adore the idea of a designer headscarf. It will turn the drabbest, cheapest, fulgiest (OK, maybe not but I just like the word) outfit into a beautiful set of clothing desired by all that see it. (OTT but I feel the point needs to be stressed) Oh, check this out if you like designer hijabs like meee :D


M.J. said...

I've actually seen the CK one in person, it looks great!! I'm not sure if it's fake though

Inspired Muslimah said...

gorgeous scarves! I love designer scarves too. Im getting ready to buy this hermes scarf, that is sooo pretty and so many colors, you can do a lot with it. I have a louis vuitton one already and want some more. You picked out some beautiful ones here.:)

*~Ange~* said...

love the D & G one. great design!