26 October 2008

Iranian Fashion

I'm going to check out out some fantastic Iranian fashion designs in this post. I'll try and fit in as much as possible but as Iran is so richly diverse in culture and fashion, it would probably take a lot more than one post to show you them all. To start, here are a few shots showing the outfits modeled in a more traditional fashion show:
Extremely modest, but still beautiful with the delightful mix of colours and fabrics. Next something a bit more daring, check out these head coverings! They are pretty cute, I love the pink one :D

Ahh, the Iranians sure do love their shirt dresses, and who can blame them? They're so versatile and come in every imaginable colour and shape, great!

I love that last pic, yes even the hijab people lol. Here is a set a made inspired by the great item of clothing that is the shirt dress:

I'm not sure these next two pics fall into a category, so I put them together cuz they're cute:

On paper, an all-cream trouser and top outfit, with the exception of a gold, coined headscarf and yellow pointy shoes, finished off with a floor length 'coat' of precisely the same colour really shouldn't work but, it strangely does and even looks elegant and feminine.

I think I'll finish with some less daring Iranian head scarfs, but lovely and elegant nonetheless:


Inspired Muslimah said...

I like the cream outfit..even with the long jacket! LOL but I am not a fan of the shoes.. gorgeous hijab!

Anonymous said...

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Fahmida Akhter said...

Great collection of Muslimah styles. I think every woman have a different personality. And it is true hijab is the best outlooking symbol of every mighty
Muslimah. Thanks for sharing with us...