04 March 2011


The concept of hijab is slowly being either changed, ignored or forgotten altogether.

This unfortunate fact only hit home when I started university and actually made contact with other Muslims living in the West. Before, I had an ignorant idea that young women chose to adopt the Hijab in the West for the sole reason of obeying Allah (SWT) and that they would be pleasing in character towards Muslim sisters (instead of refusing to return a smile to the hijabi that just walked by but feel a charitable compulsion to offer every Muslim brother a smile. *sigh*) and try their best to stick to the laws of Islam and keep away from things forbidden.

I quickly learnt that I could not have been more mistaken in my judgement.

In this day and age, 'wearing' the hijab to follow the rules of Islam is only one of many reasons a girl may have to do it. It is also the only intention that will lead her to any sort of reward.

I am not about to embark upon a long torrent of holier-than-thou preaching (as I am far flung from perfection), but this is just a small reminder that we should constantly question our intentions in the way we act, talk and dress, especially around those of the opposite sex (it does not cease to amaze me how 'free-mixing' has become something normal and encouraged amongst Muslims).

What is the point in subjecting ourselves to dodgy looks on the underground if our 'hijab' is not actually benefiting us in any way, because the reasons for adopting it in the first place were based on disagreeable intentions?

Anyway, here's something many of you have probably watched before:

(Is it just me, or is the Shaitan made out to be eccentrically charming in this clip..?)


Anonymous said...

Yes. I agree with you, shaitan is charming in this clip. And no I haven't watched this clip before. Thanks for sharing!! After watching this I started praying to take shaitan away from me and my mind.


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Anonymous said...

LOL>..you really only just realized this? All I have to do with walk around my city and see all the hootchie hejabis and it just shocks me cuz way back in the stone age when I started to cover...there was no way humanly possible any hejabi could be doing it for fashion reasons cuz it was impossible to be fashionable according to western ideals in hejab...nowadays its an entire diff ball of wax and seeing a sister in proper hejab is indeed a rare sight!

Its sad!

Alia said...

I am curious, what are the other reasons? Im asking because I started wearing hijab while living abroad, and haven't even been to a western country since. The only hijabis I know, and only muslim womenfor that matter, are thru the internet and blogs, so Im not sure what the overall scene is like. Why do women wear hijab if not for modesty? I imagine its much easier to fit in and be fashionable in the west by not wearing the hijbb at all, rather than using it as a fashion opportunity. Wearing it should allow for mixing among men more comfortably, since it shields us from inappropriate looks and unwanted attention. I can't imagine wearing hijab bringing more attention from men. Perhaps this is naive on my part?

tealovecoffee said...

thank you for sharing this... and I haven't watched those video before :)

quoted this entry to my blog,,,, hope many muslimahs will read this too ^^

Anonymous said...

The Shaitan looks gay.

Stylish Muslimah said...

Umm Ibrahim: I have spent my life with English non-Muslims, so I had formulated a different idea of what Hijabis were like. I have only had the pleasure of being in a Muslim environment for little over a year.

Alia: A few reasons I have come across are parents wishes, wanting to fit in with friends, being forced to wear it because it is the uniform at their Islamic school, wanting to get married and even wearing it because.. their boyfriend wanted them too..

Splendid: LOOOL, true :D

Salaam :)

Arab Talk said...

I can understand wearing a hijab for social reasons, but for fashion, and in the West too? Intriguing.

Stylish Muslimah said...

Arab Talk: I don't really think anyone would wear it for fashion reasons tbh.

Anonymous said...

"I have only had the pleasure of being in a Muslim environment for little over a year."


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. Im not muslim but I do strongly believe in dressing modestly and I take a lot of inspiration from the Islamic way of doing things when it comes to this - and I frequently find muslim women to be a role model.

I often see muslim women wearing tight skinny jeans with nothing covering their legs and other areas and with hijabs that seem to be a mile high. Or a reasonably modestly dressed women with a scarf on but with a good deal of her chest on show - it makes me wonder whats the point - if the rest of you is on show - why bother with the scarf?

the other day though I saw a young hijabi with a simple black jilbab and scarf and a leather jacket. She not only looked very fashionable but very feminine and the way she held herself made me want to be her - so much differant from the other hijabis I see.

I wonder if there is a lack of proper understanding of what modesty /hijab is ? Maybe too many people just think its all about the skin covering and arent educated enough about the other aspects of it ?

Salaam, from a non muslim hijabi admirer.

Stylish Muslimah said...

"WHAAT" Anonymous: Lol, what do you mean 'what'..? The majority of people in my university are Muslim. No, it's not that surprising.. it's pharmacy.

Unless you are expressing your surprise for another reason, in which case, please elaborate (with a name) :]

Stylish Muslimah said...

Last Anon: You are so right. I have met many hijabis who are really only concerned with covering their skin. It's nice to see that some non-muslims understand the concept of hijab and are not convinced that it is oppressive.

Oh, the abaya/leather jacket combo is the perfect match :)


Anonymous said...


I thought that you were always in a large Muslim environment, because you seem very orthodox (Al-hamdulillah). So, when you said that you had only been in that environment for a little over a year, it just caught me off guard. But I understand what you mean after you cleared it up.

Were you born in the UK? You ever gonna move back to where your parents come from?

Imran aka "Whaat?"

Yukirat said...

I am concerned not only that Shaytan looks vaguely like Galliano, but that her "cool abaya" looks the same as a black chongsam dress.

Stylish Muslimah said...

Whaat?: Lol ohh, well trust me when I say that I have come across people who went to Muslim schools and were surrounded by Muslims their wholes lives yet know/care very little about their religion. Yes, I was born in the UK and lived in a very 'white' town up until recently. I veryyy much want to leave the West for an Islamic country, just not sure which one. Doubt it will be my actual country though.


Stylish Muslimah said...

Yukirat: Your comments never fail to crack me up :D


Anonymous said...

yeah i do not understand the sisters who do not say salaam. just yesterday one walked by me with her nose up in the air. about an hour later a brother walked by me with the most lustful stares...i quickly turned my gaze to the ground. ugh. it can be frustrating. thanks for posting. inshah Allah my iman will only be steadfast/ increase with knowledge like this.

Anonymous said...

As a new convert to Islam im learning about the importance of being modest. I'll wear my hijab to please Allah(swt).not for any fashion or trend.

nisanichan said...

what a nice post :)
thankyou so much for sharing this. somehow I feel like I'm not perfect as a hijabis too. please tell me if you find that I'm wearing my hijab in the wrong way (especially when I post my style in my blog ) . May Allah always show me the way and make us a better person for every day..

honestly, after I read this, I think again how I wont post any post related to hijab style because the responsible is too big to hold.