20 October 2009

My Skirt Arrived Yayy!

My Taqwa Iman skirt arrived early and I love it :D I wore it at uni today with items resembling these:

I think I'll have to get used to the slightly restrictive movement that comes with wearing a skirt but all in all I felt a lot more comfortable, hijab wise, than wearing trousers although they won't be leaving my wardrobe in a hurry, they're far too practical! Anyway, Insha'Allah I will post a review on Taqwa Iman's service (and probably Shukr's as I also recieved a lush shawl cardigan from them today :D - eek I should stop spending!) when I get some time.


Nikki said...

I've been looking for a nice denim skirt, myself and was wondering a) how tall are you? and b) how does the length of the skirt work for you.

I'm a petite 5'2" and am afraid that this skirt wouldn't work for me because the length is posted as 39". I've had trouble with 38" skirts so I'm debating whether to even go through the trouble to try again.

Thanks, sorry for being a bother. :)


Anonymous said...

salams, do you have any ideas for outfits for a high school student. i wat to wear cute stuff but i find it hard being a new hijabi,im not good with skirts though because it intefers with some of the activities i do.

Zaenab said...

Nikki: Salam, I am 171cm (lol precise I know..) which I think is 5'6". The skirt is a good length on me, it drops to about ankle length. Maybe you could search for an online range for petite skirts or you could always get it shortened?

Anon: Salam! Firstly, congrats on wearing the hijab, I know how daunting it is on your first few days. I would suggest, that as you are a new hijabi, still in school that a dress with jeans underneath would be the most practical outfit for you. Here are some polyvore outfits for inspiration:


Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

salaam alaikum.

I wanted to point something out since you mentioned the restrictive movement of the skirt.

I noticed that for a few millenias, women all over the world would be really covered. long skirts and all that. Then suddenly that changed in the early 20th century.

What happened in the u.s. is that certain sporting fads became more popular. Biking and gold to name a few and these require less restrictive clothing like shorts and short skirts.

And since America and England and Central europe influenced much of the world (and still does), it just started to spread to the territories it directly controlled.

Wonder if this will happen with Muslims. Insha Allah, hopefully not with the majority of the populations.

-Indonesian Prince

WPK said...

Biking and golf.

not biking and gold. sorry.