27 October 2009

Spoilt For Choice..


Anonymous said...


Sisters, if you have the time, then please check out this video.

The Century of the Self.


It has nothing to do with burqas, but still interesting.

-Indonesian Prince

Aïsha said...

Provocation, hatred of Islam, dark face of the nationalism, incomprehension... Many words come to me when i see this image. They try to deprive us our humanity to destroy ourselves but God is stronger. Muslim? Yes. French? It has been a long time since i feel more french. I can never be french and muslim. I have chose my camp.

Anonymous said...


I've always said that no real Muslim can ever be an American.

You might call yourself American and believe you are Muslim, but the fact is that you're part of an ethno-linguistic group that is not Islamic. As you slowly stay and grow in that culture, your descendants will take on more and more american characteristics instead of Islamic.

By the time you know it, in 250 years Abdullah al-hamd bin durka durka becomes Reginald Bobby Taylor.

Stay strong sisters and brothers.

-Indonesian prince

Zaenab said...

Anonymous: That's an interesting video actually, looong though :S They already have people by the masses under control, their goal is to prepare the way for Dajjal, I'm sure of that.

Aisha: Islam isn't about what country you're from, however I do agree with you and I don't call myself a "British Muslim" it's sort of ambiguous. I can't think of a better way to describe it..


Anonymous said...

salaam sister.

@ 48:00 minutes into the 4th part, they say interesting things about the british labor party and stuff. worth checking out.


-indonesian prince