08 October 2009

I Finally Found A Half Decent Long Denim Skirt :)

I really want to start wearing more long skirts and less dresses with jeans but haven't managed to find a nice simple denim skirt I can wear to university that doesn't have frills and swoopy things and isn't skin tight either. But I've finally found one yayy :D it's from Taqwa Iman and cost just over forty pounds with shipping (it's actually 20 but the postage costs 20 too!). I really hope it's as nice as it is in the photo:

As I've payed online, it's takes longer for them to ship so I probably won't get it until the end of October by which time it'll probably be too cold for skirts :( But then there's always the legging option lol :D So what do you think, is it worth 40 pounds?


Mrs. Eedan said...

assalamualaikum..i think its kind of worth it without da postage ;p Da price is about da same in malaysia.. about RM100++..but still.. it is very hard 2 find a nice one ;p btw..i just bought one long denim....but i'm getting some "troublesomeness" in matching it..just like ur story..i wanted to start wearing long skirts n less pants ;p i just got married so my husband doesn't like me wearing all those tight one ..n as a wife i wanna look more decent with all modest wear..can u show some idea of wearing long denim skirt with a good combination of blouse :) btw here's my link for the denim skirt that i just bought :) hope that u cud help me ..thank u :) http://www.facebook.com/na.edan?v=feed&story_fbid=151362326029#/photo.php?pid=3625569&op=1&o=global&view=global&subj=570466029&id=585314358

Banana Anne said...

Go for it, especially because it is so difficult to find long denim skirts (one of my favorite articles of clothing). Check out the Gap, H & M, Lands End, Eddie Bauer, L.L. Bean and Old Navy, too; sometimes you might get lucky.

Zaenab said...

Mrs. Eedan: Salam, the link that you gave doesn't work but Insha'Allah I will do a post on denim skirt outfits :D in the meantime you can check out this post I did a while back about long skirt sets:


Also, I have made tooones of long skirt outfits here:


Hope this helps :D

Ilham said...

i think that you should check out marks & spencer and/or debenhams. they have really nice long skirts dere. & there around the same price, that's were i get my eid skirts (i dress very simple) and they have really nice ones that dont have the thrills and that. so yer check them out.

zainab said...

I have several long, floral skirts and they are very colorful but i have no idea what type of tops to wear them with. Any ideas???

Mrs. Eedan said...

Thanz zaenab for the help..lurve all your ideas :)

ekantona said...

salaam sisters,

i don't have any online shops link to share, but just some newfound surprises ( nice ones!) regarding the long denim skirts. I am from Malaysia, and i find it quite difficult to get a long denim skirt back then. the ones i bought were either a bit short, or it is a bit tight, even for my size( maybe the pencil-skirt shape?).
However in Khartoum, Sudan, there are many shops that sell denim skirts, so many options and they cost just USD5-8. I suspect that they are some rejected items from some prominent labels in the europe. because in some of the blouses and skirts, you could still find them attached to the items. There are a lot of varieties and this just add a few more reasons why i love this place even more..:).

fuzzy said...

Salaam sis, hope you're well... Just came across your blog and read your post about skirts, and thought maybe i can be of some help. I wear skirts under abayas mostly as i find them more comfortable than trousers or jeans...
If you're looking for some nice skirts try the following websites.
M&S is particularly good as you can choose the length of the skirt.
depending on oyur height www.longtallsally.com have some stunning maxi skirts, and if you hurry they even have a sale on right now.

As for a denim one, i feel bad about this as ASOS had a very modest and comfy denim skirt on their website for ages. Orgianally £25 it went for £5 in sale. But its all sold out now.
However if i see any more will let you know

Hope i was helpful.