28 October 2009

I Bought Another Skirt :D

I love my new Shukr skirt! It's lovely and wide at the bottom so walking is not at all restrictive: it's actually almost the same as walking in jeans :) I ordered it on Sunday and it arrived yesterday (impressive service!). Anyway, I wore it today for university with a white blouse and navy blue trench over the top (and of course a pink hijab for pink hijab day ^-^)which was a good match as the trench is annoyingly, very slightly too short to wear with jeans..

I would highly recommend anyone who wants a nice long skirt for a reasonable price to check out Shukr's wide range. This skirt was £24.95 and, in my opinon, well worth it!

20 October 2009

My Skirt Arrived Yayy!

My Taqwa Iman skirt arrived early and I love it :D I wore it at uni today with items resembling these:

I think I'll have to get used to the slightly restrictive movement that comes with wearing a skirt but all in all I felt a lot more comfortable, hijab wise, than wearing trousers although they won't be leaving my wardrobe in a hurry, they're far too practical! Anyway, Insha'Allah I will post a review on Taqwa Iman's service (and probably Shukr's as I also recieved a lush shawl cardigan from them today :D - eek I should stop spending!) when I get some time.

14 October 2009

I Heart The Trench <3

Wide leg jeans with a knee length trench coat has quickly become my university staple, I love it as (if worn properly - no tightly belting your waists sisters) it's modest, practical and stylish at the same time. That's like a win win win situation :D Anywayy, I think I may have posted these before but I have a memory like a sieve so can't remember :S Love them anyway!

Pink :D

Snowy Outfit

I made the last one when I still wore uggs :S but I don't do that anymore and I wouldn't really wear a snood soo I guess that's for inspiration. Hope you like them ^-^

08 October 2009

I Finally Found A Half Decent Long Denim Skirt :)

I really want to start wearing more long skirts and less dresses with jeans but haven't managed to find a nice simple denim skirt I can wear to university that doesn't have frills and swoopy things and isn't skin tight either. But I've finally found one yayy :D it's from Taqwa Iman and cost just over forty pounds with shipping (it's actually 20 but the postage costs 20 too!). I really hope it's as nice as it is in the photo:

As I've payed online, it's takes longer for them to ship so I probably won't get it until the end of October by which time it'll probably be too cold for skirts :( But then there's always the legging option lol :D So what do you think, is it worth 40 pounds?

07 October 2009

Just Wondering..

Does anyone know a good online shop, apart from Shukr, that sells nice long denim skirts? I've yet to find my long sought after perfect shaped skirt :( Thanks in advance!


05 October 2009

Wedding.. trousers

I love a good dress and jeans outfit as much as the next hijabi but not too keen on this at all, it kind of looks like she's hacked a beautiful wedding dress in half and then stuck some PJs underneath..

04 October 2009

I Love This...

I reallyyy want this abaya it's so beautiful, if anyone knows where I can buy it from I would absolutely love you :D

03 October 2009

Equestrian Hijabi: The Hardest Request Yet!

There is a huuuuge gap in the market which would be worth millions if somebody filled it and that hijab equestrian (horse riding) uniforms. I cannot find anywhere that sells modest horse riding clothes and it's such a shame :(

Anyway, the reason I was searching in the first place is because of a request I got from hijabi Nora:

"I've been horse crazy for 17 years and it tears me apart to think I can't ride anymore because of the Muslimah dress code. I heard of a version of the olympics, but for Muslims, and they have equestrian events. There is some kind of special outfit the women wear, but the picture was not very good so I couldn't really get a clear look at it - I can't even remember how I found the picture to begin with. There is virtually nothing online about Muslimahs riding horses."

So, I went looking and found these riding skirts that they used to wear in the old days and sell as collecting or dressing up items rather than to wear for actual riding but found nothing modern and modest :S

The only vaguely modest thing I found is the longer style of equestrian jacket but can't find anywhere that actually sells them! Maybe a more thorough google search would find you one though:

This picture looks like it was taken in a Khaleeji country, it's lovely and everything but I can't see it being worn in a western country even if by some miracle you did manage to find and buy it:

So, I decided to put together a few outfits myself, inspired by the current equestrian uniforms worn by women.
The first is a take on the look in the photo. I have used beige trousers instead of breeches which are basically as tight as leggings - very unhijabi. I have paired these with a tunic shirt and and equestrian jacket:

Equestrian Hijabi 2
Equestrian Hijabi 2 by Zaenab

The second look is a slightly less smart version with a riding coat and black jeans. The hijab would obviously be worn underneath the hat:

The final look is a casual one, perhaps for horse riding lessons where you don't have to wear a particular uniform. It sort of resembles these equestrian-inspired looks on the runway:

Equestrian Hijabi

Equestrian Hijabi by Zaenab

I really hope this post helps Nora! I would love to start horse riding lessons as well actually so doing your request has been quite useful for me too :D

01 October 2009

Another University Outfit Idea

I'm sooo scared!!! I start uni tomorrow arghhh! Think I'm guna wear something along these lines, but not the chain bag I don't even like them that much I just couldn't really be bothered to find a nicer one lol:

Hijabi University Outfit Idea

Hijabi University Outfit Idea by Zaenab

Wish me luck! :S