07 May 2011

Square Headscarf Tutorial (& Bin Laden)

(Am I weird for liking the song..?)

You can either make a square hijab look really good or slightly reminiscent of The Secondary School Hijabi Look :( Don't be put off though, I think this one is pretty cool (save the blue thing she put on at the end)


So.. I couldn't possibly do a post on a square hijab tutorial without also putting forward my view on Osma Bin Laden's "recent death".. I'll keep it short because I could go on about this but does anybody actually believe that they found him in a "million dollar mansion" right by a military base, which he apparently lived in for 10 years with about 25 kids..? The US then arrived in helicopters and killed him because he was shooting at them with an AKA 47.. no actually, he was unarmed.. no, he was indeed armed.. well he had an AKA 47 within reach... (Which you choose to believe depends on the newspaper you read and on the day of the week)

They then offered his corpse to Saudi Arabia for burial, who declined. They then changed their minds and decided he shouldn't be buried at all for fear the site will be turned into a "shrine". So to respect the Islamic tradition.. they weighted him down and threw him into the sea.

All in the space of a day with pretty much no media build up..? All very convenient that the evidence, if there even is any at all, is now at the bottom of the sea or not being released.

I personally don't care if the guy is dead or alive but this ever-evolving story is so half-baked that it basically relies on people believing exactly what they are told without questioning the discrepancies or blatant contradictions in the story. Unfortunately (or not, as the case may be) many people are actually like this, hence the subsequent (slightly uncomfortable) celebrations of average Americans in the US and elsewhere following the announcement of his death.

Anyway, I may be entirely wrong about this (doubt it), but the truth will out. It usually does.


C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

We're still waiting for the truth about 911!

Yukirat said...

I was waiting for you to comment on that! It really sounds like dodgy the way this story keeps changing. What bugs me more than that is how the media is horribly sensationalist about the whole issue, abandoning objectivity to the wind.

Blue thing clashes withe the pale green and pink...but that is a nice song.

Brooke VanBuskirk said...

im with you on the bin laden thing. also, thanks for the square hijab tutuorial- i never can get those things right...

Anonymous said...

"many people are actually like this"

"but the truth will out"

Saudis in Audis writing this blog now. LOL.

I'm teasing.


Stylish Muslimah said...

C: It has in a way, many people think there is something fishy about the whole thing. There are also many articles and videos that that talk of alternative theories about 9/11

Anonymous: Am I being really slow because I really didn't understand your comment lol?


Anonymous said...


This is the cost of the "celebration".


And please, no more Laden or America posts.


Stylish Muslimah said...


1. Why no more Laden and USA posts?! I wasn't aware I have a co-blogger with whom I have to discuss the topics of my posts.
2. Can you please explain your first comment, I am highly curious.

Anonymous said...

Salaam, Zaenab.

1. I would love to be your co-blogger. It's a step up from "stalker". :)

2. When I first read the post, I thought I caught some grammar mistakes. That's why I said "Saudis in Audis are writing the blog". It was just a jokeeee!

Sorry if I'm annoying you more than usual


Anonymous said...

I LOL'd my way through the whole Laden "operation" by the USA. I did a similar post on it too.

I mean, do people out there REALLY believe what Obama said is what really happened?!
I mean like...seriously??!!

Anonymous said...

haha. found some interesting piece of news-

'Bin Laden dead long before US raid'

and yea, the blue thingy on the scarf just killed it!

Stylish Muslimah said...

Anonymous: Haha!! You have indeed redeemed yourself with that comment.

Splendid: Thanks for the link! I think it's likely he was dead long ago.

Salaam :)

Stylish Muslimah said...

Also, "the truth will out" is a figure of speech. Pfft, Americans.

roseofreality said...

Totally agreed!
The story is a load of bull!!

And as someone above said....still waiting for the truth about 9/11 too!

fabscarf said...

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