11 April 2011

Leather Jacket. Maxi Dress.

The best match since denim. Except more expensive... . Photo sources: 1, 2, 3


roseofreality said...

Looove ittt!

Doesn't have to be expensive either!
I got a lovely jubbly brown faux leather jacket from Zara for £40 :)

coco said...

I agree, I heart this style xoxoxox

Stylish Muslimah said...

roseofreality: I think I saw that in Zara the other day and was really surprised the it was faux leather! Good buy :)

Andalus said...

How lovely, I liked the last image the most. I really wish I can have something like this here in Israel :(

Anonymous said...

It's definitely very stylish! Just that its not compatible with the summer. And it's always summer around here. *Sniff*

Anonymous said...

I <3 the animal print skirt in the second picture.

But overall I love the 3rd outfit as well. :DD


Stylish Muslimah said...

Anon: It is called an 'Ihraam' and it would certainly be odd for somebody to wear it on the street outside of hajj/umrah.


My Little World said...

Gorgeoussss!! I LOVE maxi dresses and these short leather jackets look great on them- why didn't I think of that before?? I don't like denim jackets, I don't own one- I just think denim looks cheap but this look is very doable. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I thought you'd get a laugh outta this:


Stylish Muslimah said...

Anon: You thought right lol. Pefect timing too as I am right in the middle of revision and very bloody bored :S

AidaFashionista said...

Hello! I am a reverted Muslim of one year. I hve been loving your blog for a long time.
I recently started a blog for young Muslimah women too. It's mainly about hijab fashon and lessly some of my daily thoughts but it's differently styled than yours. :]
I design outfits and then show people where to buy the clothes used in the designs so that they themselves can "wear the look". The designs are unique and fun but do not sacrafice modesty. I want to help Islamic girls find clothes and shop in somewhat of a new way.
I think it's coming together pretty neat. If you or anyone else would like to check it out or get to know me go to


I hope you do not mind this comment.

Anonymous said...

oops, btw...what's a "revision"?

Stylish Muslimah said...

Anon: "A revision" haha that cracked me up. It's basically another word for studying. Interesting link btw, I've heard it would only take a few grams to wipe out entire populations :/

Aida: Aw I'm glad you like it :)) I don't mind the comment at all, and nice blog btw! I shall put a link up we I am next on the computer as I'm currently using my phone lol

Salaam :)

Raja Beautiful- Emma said...

Nice blog! Very helpful tips! Tqq

Visit us back at MALAYSIA okay.. Stay Tune..

Ignorant Awareness said...

Hey I just wanted to share with you (& other Muslimahs) this lovely deal that Warehouse are doing where they’re selling these lovely black jersey maxi skirts for £7 (cheaper if you use the codes below)!:
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Just thought you & other Muslimahs deserved to know! I’m not affiliated with Warehouse or anything, just bought it all with my own cash =D In fact I was a bit naughty & actually bought two of them *blush*
But they’re lovely- the material doesn’t cling at all, it’s very stretchy, flexible (I actually did a roundhouse karate kick in them haha xD)& not seethrough at all! Best thing is the waist band is stretchy too!
Hope this helps everyone inshallah! =D

Stylish Muslimah said...

Thanks for the links! :)) xxx
Salaam :D

Stylish Muslimah said...

Anon: Answer to what lol?

Leila and Aliya said...

there are these leather jackets at forever21 on sale right now for $21!!! run ladies run!