03 April 2011

Hijabi Beginner: What IS Hijab?

I will admit that this video made me feel a bit bad. I guess it is so easy to get caught up in the trials of this life that everybody needs a reminder from time to time.

P.S. Please keep the Libyans and all the other Muslims living under oppressive tyrants in your prayers :)


Ayuni said...

hm, like this video!

Gail said...

Assalaam waliekum.
As Muslimahs, we have the best of both worlds: we can beautify ourselves while devoting ourselves to the Will of Allah SWT. For some odd reason, fairly moderate way of life is so weird for some people, as insha'allah, going from one extreme to another is reasonable.

Sara said...

Assalaam Alaikum,

JazakAllah khair for posting this much needed reminder!

I agree that it's important not to go to one extreme or another. We should all try our best, Insha'Allah, to walk a moderate path.

Alia said...

I think this video is sending mixed messages. The beginning is from the Qu'ran and therefore is the word of Allah. However, it has a bunch of "rules" for hijab in the middle that are not backed by any scripture or hadiths. They are just one person's opinion of what hijab means. Hijab covers us, but the scripture doesn't say that the hijab itself has to be plain and without decoration. It says we should hide the adornments of our *bodies* Then at the end, the message (I assume it is an imam) is giving good advice in general, but again doesn't actually back up the opinions of the middle section.

Therefore, what I glean from this video is that we should cover ourselves modestly, and we should act righteously. However, if we choose to wear decorations or bright colors, that is a matter of opinion and not exclusively forbidden.

Anonymous said...

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jazallah khair Rabia

Anonymous said...

asalaamu alaikum

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Anonymous said...

Interesting video..
I never knew this "fashion side" of hijab!
I always thought there were only very simple hijabs.

My Little World said...

That was one of the most beautiful recitations I've heard. After the translation of the recitation, the video owner shared personal opinions of what a hijab shoud be. Hijab must cover the neck, but it is not a racial statement. People who are not Arabs are Muslims too and in their culture adornments are part of custom and Islam allows this because the Prophet did. To say the hijab is a material that must be plain is a salafi/wahabi opinion that usually belongs to Arabia. We must remember the Prophet didn't have these racial/nationalist opinions.
Thank you for sharing.

mishka said...

i think this video is a little bit too much. its does have a lot of good points to remind us what right hedjab has to look like but seems from video they only accept as a good one is plain balck niqab. so how about instea dof just saying no for everything they would bring examples what is acceptabl and nice. there is no hadith saying that right hedjab only black, or that no jewellry allowed as we all know even prophets wifes own jewellry.seems this video made by man who doesnt have broad expirinece of leaving i differents parts of the world or even understanding what mean for woman a dress. that its no tlike for man just a cover but its more her little world and her presentation to outside.