30 January 2009

Spring-Going-On-To-Summer Outfit

Well, here it's actually winter going on to spring in a couple of months so I'm rather out of sync with the seasons but it's never too early to start planning your next seasons wardrobe :D

Spring :)

Spring :) - by Zaenab

27 January 2009

ASOS Day Dresses ^-^

I love ASOS for their wide and wonderful selection of day dresses. Of course they do jeans and knitwear and shoes and everything else but I've only ever ordered from the dress section, they are just screaming out to be hijabified :D Here are two of my most recent and beloved buys, it's always a bit poo when they go into the sale after you buy them but I guess that's just how it goes:

You can see I heart ditsy floral print :D (The waist band of that second one is adjustable from the back so I wear it much looser and with a cardigan on top.) Here are some other ASOS dresses from the sale section I certainly wouldn't wrinkle my nose at:

Get shopping at ASOS here!

25 January 2009

Pink Hijabs: Immodest..?

I came across this forum earlier talking about pink hijab day, mainly males saying pink hijabs were immodest and the whole idea of a pink hijab day was, and I quote, 'gay'. I've never never read such a whole load of rubbish in my life. Anyway, there was a poll where 44% thought that pink hijabs were immodest, 28% thought they weren't and rest were undecided. I mean there's one thing saying a skin tight pink dress coupled with a tiny little bright pink scarf and 6 inch pointy heels isn't hijab but to think that all pink headscarves are immodest is ludicrous and quite frankly makes me mad to think it was some stuck up man who wears want he wants that said it. On top of this, they completely ignore the fact that the whole point of pink hijab day is to raise money for breast cancer awareness, grrrrr! To prove these ignorant, judgmental people wrong, here are some pretty, pink and modest hijabs:

Not just a pink hijab but a pink abaya too!

Soo cute, I love this dusty shade of pink, I want that scarf!

Pink shamaghs all the way!

Smart hijabi, all in pink and still modest:

Muna's back, in pink of course and a cool tie-dye headscarf:

A very pretty and modest malay hijab:

And a pink prayer outfit for good measure, wonderful!

And lastly, a pink hijab outfit I made just for the occasion:

Pink Outfit ^-^

Hope you all like pink hijabs too! :D

23 January 2009

Outfit Ideas

As much as I hate denim worn with denim, this bright, colourful outfit is lovely. I think it's because the jeans are barely visible that she has manged to pull it off:

22 January 2009

3 Ways To Wear A Maxi Dress

We all love a maxi dress, but that doesn't mean they are easy to wear especially while keeping them modest and stylish at the same time - sometime I see people who have kept the modesty and ditched the style and sometimes it's the other way around. Well enough I say! Here are 3 simple ways to dress a maxi:

Hope you liked my maxi tips! :D

21 January 2009

Hijabifying the almost un-hijabifyable

I think you can hijabify most things, well apart from bikinis and like Shakiras' outfits..

Here is a nice, girlfriends/indoor friendly outfit which I love so I have tried to recreate it with a slightly more Muslimah friendly feel

..and here is the finished look, I've used high boots because the skirt is mid-calf length and coupled it with a long, loose cardigan for an up to the minute style which will also cover up you accentuated waist ^-^

High Waist Skirt :D

High Waist Skirt :D by Zaenab

19 January 2009

Gaza Charity Abaya

Thanks to "Anonymous" for giving me the link to this lovely abaya that you can buy from here to show your support for Gaza and give to charity at the same time. You can get the shemagh headscarf from here.

15 January 2009

Indian Hijab Style

The colourful world of India is where we're going for the next instalment of around the world hijab style. Although similar to Pakistani fashion which I have already done a post on, there are some key differences between the two countries trends.

I dug up a lot of photos for this post so I will only post my favorites..

First, well I haven't seen one of these before - an Indian sari with a hijab, lovely! That red is so vibrant and bold:

Indians certainly heart their patterns and colours, this mum has thrown them on like it's no ones business and the end result is quite stunning, I like the material shes tossed over her head:

Aw, I wonder why they're sad.. at least their hijabs are nice though, I love polka dots!

This has to be my fave pic, the colours are wonderful and that bright orange dress is great for the beach:

Here is a beach outfit I put together, inspired by these bright, vibrant tones:


Sunshine by Zaenab

Indian Hijab Styles

One scarf, 3 styles from 3 Indian school girls:

I found quite a few Indian hijab photos so I have put the nicest ones together:

I really like the loosely wrapped goldy coloured one too, so pretty ^-^ And last but not least, Muslimah pals praying together, cute hijabs!

This post was done by the request of JaLpArI, hope you liked it! :D

14 January 2009

Outfit Ideas

I like this outfit, I see a lot of elegant and smart clothes on hijabis which is all well and good but it's great to see a bit of chilled back 'didn't try too hard but still look good' sort of fashion now and again :O)

A Song and Dance..and a Hijab: Love it or Shove it?

I never knew there were so many hijabi singers in the world, but apparently there are and I'm a tiny, tiny bit surprised. I'm not singling out hijabis, I think Muslims in general should steer quite clear of singing careers. Obviously there's the whole nasheed thing that you have to bear in mind but singing as an actual career choice is not something I really approve of.. but maybe that's because of the way I have been brought up as it doesn't really have that much of a religious basis. But Islam does encourage humans to do useful work for their society, singing is not a useful job in my opinion.

It seems, Arab TV, as well as others like Malaysia don't agree with me, what with shows on many channels similar to the X Factor etc. Which brings me to some interesting photos I found:

These were taken in Malasiya, I'm not sure what the event is exactly but it looks like a singing contest:

Now, I am quite an open minded person and I hate saying that this is "haram or that is bida or you're a kaffir" at the end of the day everyone has logic and that's what they will be judged by however, I really think hijab is not just a bit of cloth or an extra layer of clothing.
The Quran talks a lot more about acting in an appropriate, modest manner than dressing modestly. I think a hijab is something you create around you, an actual barrier built by lowering your gaze and the way in which you act and talk around the opposite sex. I feel like singing in a 'modern' world breaks this barrier for both males and females and no amount of cloth can put it back up. Or am I just a bit uptight? I feel uptight writing it! But what do you think?

12 January 2009

A Plus Size Hijabi Guide

Following a recent comment from one of my readers about the difficulties of wearing hijab when you're curvier I decided to make a post about it. I've been revising (reading my old fashion mags..) plus size fashion and have been trying to put together some tips and tricks to make covering those womanly curves slightly less stressful. I hope you find it useful :D Starting with the negative as always..sorry the writing's small, it looked bigger when I was making it..

And some things to try:

A great plus size fashion website with lots of hijabifiable pieces for good prices to - http://www.ullapopken.co.uk/
And finally, a plus size hijab outfit I made. The waistcoat would be best worn open and provides extra coverage as well as style of course :D Notice I have used an over-sized bag and sunglasses - this is another good trick when accessorising: the bigger the better :)

Pink Maxi

09 January 2009

Beat The Crunch, Hijab Style

...all from forever21.com. Yes it is possible and I'll shall now prove it (the the site is American so I'm going to put the prices in US dollars but it does ship to countries across the world including the UK :D)

This is such a pretty outfit especially for young Muslimahs at college or university and the prices are also very student friendly, yay! (I have substituted the brown waist belt with a somewhat more suitable brown bag)

All in all, the whole outfit amounts to $95.20 or £62.72 which in my opinion is a very good bargain indeed! Here are the links to buy the top, coat, flats, bag, scarf and jeans. So get shopping! ^-^ More bargain outfits coming soon Insh'Allah

07 January 2009

Holiday :D

I wanna go on holiday :( it's so horrible and cold here so I decided to cheer myself up and pretend I'm going on holiday and make an outfit I would wear:

I wish it was summer.. by Zaenab

Hmm, I don't feel any better. Nope.

05 January 2009

Hijab and Cosmetic Surgery?

Is it completely haram? I don't know and I don't think I'd ever get cosmetic surgery just in case it is but would you? The rates of nose jobs and the such are very high in Arab countries as well as in Iran so Muslims across the world are obviously getting it done but when there are people starving and don't even have water is it morally correct to spend thousands of pounds to make yourself look more attractive? And you have to think, especially hijabies, whats your intention of making yourself look more pleasing to the eye anyway? On the other hand, I'm sure there are people who were seriously paranoid about certain aspects of their body which could have steamed from bullying etc and this has affected parts of their life - should these people really be judged?

The reason why I'm writing this is because I have recently been watching this Arabic programme on MBC called 'Ma'a Joelle Ahahla' which translates to 'Prettier with Joelle'. It's basically a makeover programme that gets normal looking hijabies and non hijabies all transformed into a prettier them..but with surgery. Breast enlargements, nose jobs, botox, lipo, you name it and its been done on the show and very much normalised. In fact, by the end of it they look like different people no joke! But it's not this that annoys me about the show, it's the way they have advertised it. Basically, there's this average looking husband and a pretty wife watching TV and he's not paying her any attention, then Joelle (the plastic presenter above) suddenly pops out of nowhere and transforms the wife with a click of her fingers into this busty, plastic barbie doll and suddenly her husband's all interested in her. That's what makes me mad!!! Basically the message is that even if you are nice and naturally pretty and your husband is a minger you still have to have surgery for him to be interested. What a load of bull, I won't get married if that's how it goes! Anyway, I just want opinions to see what other Muslimahs think about it but in my opinion, if it's just to make you look nicer it's most likely haram because that money could be better spent.

04 January 2009

Malaysian Hijab Style

This has to have been one of the most interesting posts in terms of finding pics for it because Malaysian hijab style is very wide and varied as you will soon see, ranging from skinny jeans and a top to the traditional and vibrant Malaysian dress. I found a lot of photos so I'm only going to post my faves:
I thought I would start with tradition first; here is a lovely take on the Malaysian dress, I love those earthy tones:

If you are looking for some weird and wonderful hijab styles on the high street, Malaysia is certainly the place to be:

This second one is so pretty, it actually looks like a flower! :D

I have done a few posts in the past about Malaysian hijabi celebs so I thought I'd throw another one in for good measure, I don't know what her name is but her outfit with its bright colour clearly has a Malaysian twist:

You won't be hard pushed to find a modernly dressed Malay hijabi:

The whole outfit together isn't for me but I do think it looks sweet anyway. I love this next one though:

Remember, if you're wearing a top that's embellished like that, never wear a necklace it's just too much!

Ohh, a hooded abaya they look so cool but I prefer them when they aren't up lol..

Next, an interesting photo taken for a Malaysian magazine:

Aw how cute is this pic ^-^ I looove her scarf

You'll always find a hijabi fighting crime somewhere, I love it :D

And last but defiantly not least, Nabila who pops up every week with a new outfit, to check out any more of her outfits click on Nabila's Pick Of The Week in 'My Faves' section.

I hope you liked discovering more about Malay hijab style! This post was done by the request of ekantona ^-