04 January 2009

Malaysian Hijab Style

This has to have been one of the most interesting posts in terms of finding pics for it because Malaysian hijab style is very wide and varied as you will soon see, ranging from skinny jeans and a top to the traditional and vibrant Malaysian dress. I found a lot of photos so I'm only going to post my faves:
I thought I would start with tradition first; here is a lovely take on the Malaysian dress, I love those earthy tones:

If you are looking for some weird and wonderful hijab styles on the high street, Malaysia is certainly the place to be:

This second one is so pretty, it actually looks like a flower! :D

I have done a few posts in the past about Malaysian hijabi celebs so I thought I'd throw another one in for good measure, I don't know what her name is but her outfit with its bright colour clearly has a Malaysian twist:

You won't be hard pushed to find a modernly dressed Malay hijabi:

The whole outfit together isn't for me but I do think it looks sweet anyway. I love this next one though:

Remember, if you're wearing a top that's embellished like that, never wear a necklace it's just too much!

Ohh, a hooded abaya they look so cool but I prefer them when they aren't up lol..

Next, an interesting photo taken for a Malaysian magazine:

Aw how cute is this pic ^-^ I looove her scarf

You'll always find a hijabi fighting crime somewhere, I love it :D

And last but defiantly not least, Nabila who pops up every week with a new outfit, to check out any more of her outfits click on Nabila's Pick Of The Week in 'My Faves' section.

I hope you liked discovering more about Malay hijab style! This post was done by the request of ekantona ^-


hannah said...

Do you know where to get high quality one piece hijabs that I see a lot of Malaysian girls wearing?? Sometimes i see hijabs like them online but I'm not sure if they are good quality or not! :p

*~Ange~* said...

they are so colourful! like egyptian style!

haifa said...

the 1st celebirty pic: shes not a hijabi.she got cover up after returning from hajj,unwillingly covering her aurah.

Zaenab said...

Hannah - the only one which looks like its really good quality is http://houseoftaaj.com/ but its not in english :( sorry!! Zaenab xx

ekantona said...

salam sis zaenab,

oh, thanks so much for this post on Malaysian hijabis. Of all the photos, i'd have to say i love the last one (ladies in green) the best.
They look so sweet and 'well covered' with their 'tudung'/scarves and the traditional clothes..

well done! thanks again..

Anonymous said...

The second pic is so beautiful

ekantona said...

salam sisters,
Sis Zaenab, i hope you will allow this 'comment'from me, as Hannah was asking where the Malaysian girls got their one piece scarves..
I'm a malaysian and I got mine from Sri Munawwarah Design, unfortunately they do not sell online. But you can have a look at some of their designs here:

The scarves/'tudung' have awning and are of very good qality.
They also participates in the yearly IFF .

There are 2 more links below, which i have heard a lot from friends, but have never ordered myself. But they all designed their own and one of them even sell a complete DIY kit to make one tudung by yourself ..interesting huh?
here they go:



Zaenab said...

ekantona: thats fine! i was hoping someone would put something actually because I didnt really help lol :D

o0UmmHasan0o said...

masha'Allah these scarves are very colourful..... i love it

Afia said...

Salams sis Zaenab,

On Hannah's question on good quality one piece hijabs: I am opening a muslimah online store soon, and insha Allah it will carry the one piece hijabs that Hannah was asking about -including from the House of Taaj, insha Allah. I'll let you know when it's up & running!

Zaenab said...

Afia: wow thats great, good on you! il do a post of your stuff when you get it up if you like :D

Ara said...

hehe...proud to be a Malaysian hijabi.. ;) yes, we are quite diversed in ways of wearing hijabs..but the last 2 pics r how I normally wear my hijab..

umm, yeah, currently i'm soooo in love with the one-piece hijab that has that awning and numerous designs! :-D

Ara said...

hehe...proud to be a Malaysian hijabi.. ;) yes, we are quite diversed in ways of wearing hijabs..but the last 2 pics r how I normally wear my hijab..

umm, yeah, currently i'm soooo in love with the one-piece hijab that has that awning and numerous designs! :-D

Lady Muslima said...

Salams Sis Zaenab :)

Alhamdulillah my site is up & running ! I haven't yet posted the one-piece hijabs that I promised, but soon inshAllah. Please feel free to browse and comment and post anything you find interesting there on your blog :)


Lady Muslima said...

Dear Sis,

Now you can browse one piece hijabs at my site! Check it out: http://www.LadyMuslima.com

Enjoy :)

ms. shawlistik~ said...


hye there. i just found your blog and i love it~ i love to experiment my style with hijab. oh.. and i am a malaysian anyway. here in malaysia, malaysians muslimah always find a new trend and design of hijab and match it with their style.

Nur Amira said...

actually..u can surf on the internet..the malaysian hijab are seriously cheap..it only cost you about 1 buck for a shawl or scarf aka hijab..and the quality is mostly ok as they r made from chiffon..but u can ask they saler

diyanah said...

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FAA CAVIER said...

the one who talked to the phone is my friend , raihan aliah :)

Pyka Rahmat said...

i recognized the girl on the phone.

Ayuna Kusuma said...

first dress so funny.....
i create hijab for Indonesian style
maybe can match in malaysian style.

Anonymous said...

When was this?? oh! 2009... u may wanna have a look at the pages i'll link you to, so u can really see how Malaysian hijabis fashions are like =)


just to highlite a few

and u may wanna have a look at this cool blog too:


have fun,
hayya a'la al-falah