03 January 2009

Accessorize, glamorize, hijab..ize

I love jewelry and accessories and if you ask me, hijabis can't be beaten at accessorising simply because a scarf is, in fashion, an accessory and so are hijab pins and under caps etc. Obviously the main reason isn't to accessorise but that's no reason not to use the idea anyway :D Here are some of my fave ways to accessorise, hijab style and not a plain black hijab in site:


I love layering clothes, so why should a hijab be any different? Hanan Turk models 2 wonderful styles here:


..are a girls best friend. Especially if they are on a non-tacky looking (i.e. not shiny) long necklace that can poke out from under your hijab like these girls have done:

Mm, I also like their animal print headscarves ^-^


OK, maybe not an everyday thing but they look nice on occasion:

Under caps

My favorite section! Under caps can completely transform the look of a hijab, they are like the hijab equivalent to cardigans..well in my mind anyway :) I like the hijabs and under caps of these Iranian models:

I love love love that green dress the last model is wearing! Perfect paired with some nice dark jeans.

Shades..oh so obvious!

Go on, ditch the tacky makeup and get accessorising instead :D


Inspired Muslimah said...

I agree, I want some more undercaps. They totally give the hijab so much versatility.

o0UmmHasan0o said...

hi, i love the purple scarf with stripes, its such a warm colour...