31 October 2008

I Love This Outfit..

It was taken for the MSLM magazine, it's such a cute outfit ^-^ I've tried to copy it here..

OK, it's not as good as the models outfit but I like it anyway :D does anybody know what happened to MSLM magazine? I was really excited when I heard about it a while back and then it suddenly disappeared..muslimahs could really do with a glossy magazine like that so I hope it resurfaces soon.

30 October 2008

Prom Dresses

Finding a modest and trendy prom dress can be hard, so much so that you might end up not even wanting to go to your school prom :( In this post I'm going to try and find some pretty but covered dresses that you can wear to your prom:


Here are some dresses that come ready to wear:

This dress is lush, its from buyaweddingdress.net and the site has loads of other cute sleeved dresses to check out. These next dresses come with boleros:

They are from nordstrom.com, this site has a small selection of other dresses that come with a bolero. If you want a long sleeved bolero instead, a cheap selection, including the ones below are available here.

After diamonds, boleros really are a girls best friend. They greatly increase your options, allowing you to buy a sleeveless long dress. I love this one from davidsprom.com which has a really nice selection of long dresses.

I would wear it with this bolero by Marc Jacobs (£415 eek!) as sequins are all the rage at the moment :D

Not many Islamic sites do nice formal gowns but modernmuslimahs has got a few new designs, this being my fave:
I'm not sure it's really great for prom to be honest but its beautiful anyway.

The last and my favorite dress by far..

It's such a beautiful dress, I love it! The lace bolero would need a cream top underneath but that's the only problem there is really. It's from neimanmarcus.com and comes in at a very modest $380 (it's on sale). Even though I have no prom I am seriously thinking about getting it to save for special occasion.
latterdaybride.com is also worth having a look at for modest dresses.


Turkish hijabs are so elegant, I think they are a good option to go for:

You can buy square hijabs from loads of places including: rayannesdesigns, taibaoutfitters, some great pure silk square scarves here and polyester and silk hijabs from primomoda

It doesn't have to be a square hijab though, here is a cute way to wear hijab and cover the ears and neck while still wearing earrings, great for prom:

Another way to get a similar effect can be found here with a step by step explanation too (style 2). And finally, thehijabshop is a good place to look to headscarves too. I can't put all the hijab shops because I would be here forever so here is a directory of all the hijab shops online you will ever need to know about in your entire life.

Hope you liked this post because it took me ages even though its not that long lol.. *falls asleep*

Hijabify an outfit

I recently held a contest on polyvore where you had to hijabify an outfit. I liked them all but here are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners:



Hijabified LC 2 by i.man.o


Well done girlies!

28 October 2008

Shemagh Headscarf?

You've all seen it, probably around someones neck (or on a mans head obviously..), but tried using is as a headscarf yourself? Would you even dare? Well these girls have:

This made me laugh..

Don't want to go all out like Miss Mannequin there? Don't blame you..this girls found a safer alternative:

I like it in a weird kind of way. I think if I did it, the knot would be at the back so it would just look like a band going across the forehead and I'd use a plain hijab. If you fancy a shemagh hijab like the one below click here and they're really cheap too :D

Hijab and Shades: Love it or Shove it?

Wearing a headscarf and sunglasses as most of you know was a great fashion statement in the 60s and 70s and they've manged to find their way back on the runway after all those years. I personally love the look and think no Turkish hijab is complete without a pair of sunnies:

Love this style, just add a hijab cap under and your good to go. The top look cute too actually lol, this girls found a clever use for the 'fold' in her hijab:

Usually I put in some 'style donts' for good measure but I can't really think of any for this one. The only thing I would say is make sure, there being so much choice available, that you choose a pair to suit the shape of your face. Rounded frames are generally better suited to squared-off face shapes as they add softness to already defined features. A squared frame can look too harsh on a squared face shapes. On the other hand, a squared frame will usually look better on somebody with a round or oval face shape. The squared glasses will provide more of a definition and a focal point. Although, headscarves themselves can be used to shape the face but it is a good idea to follow those general rules.

Trendy hijabies..

And lastly, an interesting pic I found on google, not sure I agree with all of them though, not the romantic one at least..

27 October 2008

Nabila's Pick Of The Week

Nabila (a hijabi fashionista from New Zealand) had kindly allowed me to use photos of her gorgeous everyday hijabi outfits on my blog so every week I'll pick an outfit and try and to recreate it :D My first pick of the week shows her in a cute floral dress:

I love how her outfits looks casually thrown together its so much better than looking like you spent hours in front of the mirror that morning and her look it great! Here's my try, I couldn't find a dress as nice though :(

*Floral Dress* by Zaenab

You can obviously use a different cardigan if you like, with longer sleeves, but I like this one :) If you want to check out her flikr profile click here. Thank You Nabila!!

26 October 2008

Iranian Fashion

I'm going to check out out some fantastic Iranian fashion designs in this post. I'll try and fit in as much as possible but as Iran is so richly diverse in culture and fashion, it would probably take a lot more than one post to show you them all. To start, here are a few shots showing the outfits modeled in a more traditional fashion show:
Extremely modest, but still beautiful with the delightful mix of colours and fabrics. Next something a bit more daring, check out these head coverings! They are pretty cute, I love the pink one :D

Ahh, the Iranians sure do love their shirt dresses, and who can blame them? They're so versatile and come in every imaginable colour and shape, great!

I love that last pic, yes even the hijab people lol. Here is a set a made inspired by the great item of clothing that is the shirt dress:

I'm not sure these next two pics fall into a category, so I put them together cuz they're cute:

On paper, an all-cream trouser and top outfit, with the exception of a gold, coined headscarf and yellow pointy shoes, finished off with a floor length 'coat' of precisely the same colour really shouldn't work but, it strangely does and even looks elegant and feminine.

I think I'll finish with some less daring Iranian head scarfs, but lovely and elegant nonetheless:

25 October 2008

Dresses With A Metallic Twist

Here are some dresses I found with a little shine added. I love the silver one, not sure I'd wear the other two though even if they do look nice on the models:

There's something about this pink dress I just don't like but can't put my finger on it..I think it might be the colour of the top bit. Ah well. Check out the killer sleeves: