27 February 2009

Omani Hijab Style

My next country on 'Around The World: Hijab Style' is Oman, the first Arabic country I'm doing yay :D Now their style is pretty diverse ranging from clothing similar to that of the traditional Pakistani dress to the glamorous black abaya. I'm sure a lot of Omani hijabis wear modern clothing but I didn't really come across any pics of that style so mainly, there are the abayas and traditional style in the post.

First off, some young Omani women wearing lovely, embellished black abayas. My fave is the one on they left, I love those silky, shiny abayas and I like her hijab style too ^-^

This next Omani woman would be right on trend if she were here in that pretty paisley number. Her loose hijab style would be especially useful in the summer:

The traditional Omani niqab, is roughly this shape and is usually hard as opposed to other Arab countries where it's made of layers of gauzy black cloth.

Like Pakistani style, Omanis wear brightly coloured, embellished outfits. I love this next one!

I came across this Polyvore outfit, by ....nida.... and I thought it looked a bit like the above outfit so I'll put it in so you can pinch her style if you like:

something I would totally wear!!!

something I would totally wear!!! - by ....nida....

Next, more wonderful colour with some Omani pals:

Omani fashion on the runway:

Great tie dye galabiya:

More Pakistani-Omani style:

And my fave pic! I sooo want this galabiya and I haven't even seen the front:

And lastly, the random pics I didn't know where to put:

Great hijab wrap, probs my fave:

More countries coming soon, Insha'Allah!

25 February 2009

Nabila's Pick Of The Week

..well actually it's more like pick of the last two months as you might have noticed she hasn't been popping up so often these days. But, she's back with a brand new shiny outfit:

I have recreated the general look but with a more casual day in mind (I did look for black jeans but I couldn't find any I liked so you have to do with dark blue, sooorry):

Green Dress

Green Dress - by Zaenab

Hope you like it! ^-^

24 February 2009

The Jumpsuit

..or playsuit, depends where you live. Anyway, I was asked to do a post about wearing a jumpsuit (they're bang on trend) and hijab at the same time. At first I thought it would be a bit difficult considering they are usually quite tight around the legs but you can get suits that can be hijabified, as I did with some nifty editing tools on the above pic lol :D

Jumpsuit & Hijab NO's:

Those super tight jumpsuits you see -

Waist cinching!
Cropped jumpsuits, obviously:

How to wear it with hijab:
Go for long, loose suits with sleeves if you can find them. Here are some examples of jumpsuits that you can hijabify. I love these wide legs! -

For casual wear, these are great for the summer coupled with a thin, long cardi (for the white one):

For formal wear, love the gold one:

The two main arm 'coverers', suitable for jumpsuits are the jacket (blazer).. :

..and boyfit cardigans with flat gladiator sandals for a more casual look:

The most modest of jumpsuits are the ones that look like maxi dresses. They keep your curves well covered and keep you bang on trend too, perfect!

Here is a formal outfit I put together with one of these dress look-a-likes for a chic hijabi jumpsuit look:

Jumpsuit Hijabi

Jumpsuit Hijabi - by Zaenab

Hope you liked it anon :D if anyone has a request, please write it in the comments.

18 February 2009

Electric Blue - The Colour Of Spring '09

If you're even remotely interested in fashion you should know what Springs trend colour is - big, bright blue. So here's some hijabi style tips to get you going:

Where to get them:

$24.00 maxi dress - target.com

£35.00 knee length dress - ASOS.com

$29.95 scarf - funaccessories.com

$40.00 sandals - piperlime.gap.com

$15.80 cardigan - forever21.com

£18.00 check dress - ASOS.com

£12.00 bag - dorothyperkins.com

£26.95 abaya - muslimahessentials.com

Hope you liked the styles ideas! :D

15 February 2009

The Worlds Most Expensive Abaya: Love it or Shove it?

Designed by British couture designer Bruce Oldfield, the abaya features 4,668 diamonds and 359.7 grams of white gold. Valued at $350,000 the abaya was sold in the Gulf and the money was donated to the Islamic Relief charity. I love the abaya, but have actually seen nicer ones for far cheaper, still at least the money went to a good cause. But what do you think? Should the hijab be taken to these extremes of luxury? After all, whats really wrong with somebody spending from the money that they have on things like this as long as they fulfill their religious obligations first? I'm in two minds on this one, but I don't think I could resist such lovely attire if someone just gave it to me :D

13 February 2009

I Love Shukr Dresses

Their new spring collection is in and the winter sale is almost over, I love this dress (from sale section) but unfortunately they don't have my size.. so I made a set to pretend I had it anyway :D check out their site here.

Cute Dress ^-^

Cute Dress ^-^ - by Zaenab

12 February 2009

Hijab Style from New Zealand

I was asked to do a post on Zealand hijab style a while back by Celeritas, the reason it's taken so long is because there aren't that many pictures of hijabis from New Zealand out there. Anyway, I managed to find a few:

Having fun on the beach, cute pink hijab :D

Ohh, I didn't know New Zealand had mountains like this, it looks fun!

Hijabi pals picking fruit, good times ^-^

Headscarves and sunnies.. a match made in fashion heaven

Aww, this is such a cute pic :D

Yay, more sunnies :) not too surprised the niqabi gave them a miss though..

Aw, nice pic and I love the check pink hijab

As New Zealand is blessed with it's vast beaches, I decided to put it a beach outfit too:

Gold Summer

Gold Summer - by Zaenab

Hope you liked it! More coming soon Insha'Allah, if you want me to do a country please write it in the comments :D

11 February 2009

Sub'hanAllah the Creator of all things

The Quran is a gift of guidance to all mankind full of knowledge and virtue, simple yet so perfect in it's detail. I try my best to read the Quran everyday after Isha salat, this way it becomes a routine and I won't forget to do it. Make sure reading the Quran doesn't become an irregular thing, it is incumbent upon us all to expand our knowledge and at the end of the day, it is only for our benefit.

08 February 2009

Hijabi at a Formal Dinner - Requested by Riz

Stylish Muslimah reader, Riz is wondering what to wear to a formal college dinner party, below I have posted some ideas:

I'm not sure how formal the dress code is but a dress or maxi skirt won't go amiss on this sort of occasion. With a solid coloured skirt (black is safe) you could wear a satin jewel coloured shirt tucked in with a Turkish style hijab and a cute contrasting clutch like this:

If you fancy this grown-up look, here's an outfit I made for inspiration:

Turkish Hijab

Turkish Hijab - by Zaenab

You could also do it the other way around by wearing a jewel coloured, satin skirt with a formal top to get the look of hijabi style icon Sheikha Mozah of Qatar:

And staying with Sheikha Mozah's wonderful look, I loooove this next outfit! It's young, fun and perfect for a formal college dinner:

I copied this look a while back:

Sheikha Mozah of Qatar

Sheikha Mozah of Qatar - by Zaenab

Another idea is to wear a maxi dress of your choice and glam it up heels/wedges, a jacket to make it more formal and a clutch. This look would work best if the event isn't as formal as a prom but you are expected to look smart.

This look is pretty casual but it shows you what I mean, although I would give the waist belt a miss myself:

If you want a more promy look, I would advise a simple evening gown coupled with a (faux!)fur bolero or different jacket/bolero/throw if fur isn't to your taste. Something like this would look cute for a more formal event where women are wearing evening gowns:

Fur Coat

Fur Coat - by Zaenab

If you don't want the hassle of buying a reveling dress and then hijabifiing it, I would suggest wearing a glam abaya from Iman Collections. They have recently launched a new collection of really nice abayas with a couple that are perfect for events like this. Here is my fave, at £175 it's not bad if you wear it to other events in the future:

As for the hijab, I would go for either a sophisticated Turkish style or a pretty style similar to the one below which covers the neck but still allows you to wear earrings:

Stuck on a colour? Stay bang on trend with electric blue, the shade of the season..

I hope this helped! If you need more tips check out a post I did a while back on prom dresses, here. If you want to wear trousers instead just say and I'll do a post on it, Insha'Allah :D Have fun!