08 February 2009

Hijabi at a Formal Dinner - Requested by Riz

Stylish Muslimah reader, Riz is wondering what to wear to a formal college dinner party, below I have posted some ideas:

I'm not sure how formal the dress code is but a dress or maxi skirt won't go amiss on this sort of occasion. With a solid coloured skirt (black is safe) you could wear a satin jewel coloured shirt tucked in with a Turkish style hijab and a cute contrasting clutch like this:

If you fancy this grown-up look, here's an outfit I made for inspiration:

Turkish Hijab

Turkish Hijab - by Zaenab

You could also do it the other way around by wearing a jewel coloured, satin skirt with a formal top to get the look of hijabi style icon Sheikha Mozah of Qatar:

And staying with Sheikha Mozah's wonderful look, I loooove this next outfit! It's young, fun and perfect for a formal college dinner:

I copied this look a while back:

Sheikha Mozah of Qatar

Sheikha Mozah of Qatar - by Zaenab

Another idea is to wear a maxi dress of your choice and glam it up heels/wedges, a jacket to make it more formal and a clutch. This look would work best if the event isn't as formal as a prom but you are expected to look smart.

This look is pretty casual but it shows you what I mean, although I would give the waist belt a miss myself:

If you want a more promy look, I would advise a simple evening gown coupled with a (faux!)fur bolero or different jacket/bolero/throw if fur isn't to your taste. Something like this would look cute for a more formal event where women are wearing evening gowns:

Fur Coat

Fur Coat - by Zaenab

If you don't want the hassle of buying a reveling dress and then hijabifiing it, I would suggest wearing a glam abaya from Iman Collections. They have recently launched a new collection of really nice abayas with a couple that are perfect for events like this. Here is my fave, at £175 it's not bad if you wear it to other events in the future:

As for the hijab, I would go for either a sophisticated Turkish style or a pretty style similar to the one below which covers the neck but still allows you to wear earrings:

Stuck on a colour? Stay bang on trend with electric blue, the shade of the season..

I hope this helped! If you need more tips check out a post I did a while back on prom dresses, here. If you want to wear trousers instead just say and I'll do a post on it, Insha'Allah :D Have fun!


riz said...

aww thank you .. ur soo sweet.. i love em.. thank you very much


riz said...

yeah its kind of like prom.. ur post helped and gamme a head out..

i had no idea how to do things around with a hijab.. i m a new hijabi thats why.

these girls luk so beautiful wiht their hijabified gowns.

once again .. tahnk you

Anonymous said...

thanks for this article. I shall be using your ideas for my prom...could any sisters confirm that the prom is not haram as long as I don't get carried away with dancing/boys etc. ?

HijabChic said...

i loved sheikha mozah's lavender evening gown, so pretty!

salam from finland :)

Al Azhar said...

Hi There..
I am Al Azhar from Malaysia..
You might consider the new design from Malaysia??
Follow this link http://noorhijab.blogspot.com/2011/08/jubah-hoodies-maxi-dress-hoodies.html
as salam~

ireminisces said...

Asalamu alaikum,
JazakAllah for your wise comments on my blog feel free to do so, new bloglet The Highest Level Of Imaan. If you like follow.. Staye Blessed.

Anonymous said...

Wow i am not muslim but i love your fashion sensibility and world view

RM said...

wow these are really very stylish..

serpil said...

selamun aleykum;

I saw you on pinterest. I have liked your blog. If you and your followers wonder Turkish hijab style's samples, you can see on my blog!:)

busana muslim said...

Wow nice fashion =D

Sandhy Herbal Papua said...

Wow i am not muslim but i love your fashion sensibility and world view
Sarang Semut Papua

StylishMuslimah said...

Thanks Sandhy! :)