25 February 2009

Nabila's Pick Of The Week

..well actually it's more like pick of the last two months as you might have noticed she hasn't been popping up so often these days. But, she's back with a brand new shiny outfit:

I have recreated the general look but with a more casual day in mind (I did look for black jeans but I couldn't find any I liked so you have to do with dark blue, sooorry):

Green Dress

Green Dress - by Zaenab

Hope you like it! ^-^


o0UmmHasan0o said...

come and choose an award! http://o0ummhasan0o.blogspot.com/2009/02/companions-award-tag-check-in-here.html

Anonymous said...

I really like when you post Nabila's pick of the week - her outfits are always so cute! I have a question though as a new Muslimah, what type of hijab is she usually wearing or how can I get that style? Thx for your help :)


pencil said...

Arms/limbs should also be covered (till your wrist), don't you think?