04 February 2009

Celebrity Style Steal..Yassmin Mohsen

Young Egyptian model Yassmin Mohsen is my next style steal, her layered tees and colourful style is lovely and individual with just a hint of Egypt :D Here are some pics I dug up, most were taken by photographer Ahmed Abou-Zeid:

She loves her multi wrap hijabs, they are defiantly her signature style and I love the colour combo of this outfit:

Pink and purple, so cute and girly ^-^

I wish I knew how they get their hijabs like that! Egyptians have such cool wrap styles:

Ahh traditional Arab style, I love it :D

Here's a set I made a while back inspired by traditional Arabic dress:


Arab - by Zaenab

Hmm, I'm not too sure about the next two though..

If you've read my previous post you'll know exactly how I feel about wearing a long sleeved top under a short sleeve dress, it's a fashion disaster. Don't do it to yourself, boleros all the way!

And the next..

Well animal print may be big this spring but this outfit is just not for me, thumbs down. Ohh, I heart this next one though! Long high waisted skirts are so cute but they're difficult to get hold of..

As it's her beloved style, I thought I'd put in a set inspired but the wonderful land of multi wrap hijabs:

Golden Dress

Golden Dress - by Zaenab

More stealing of celebs' styles coming soon, Insha'Allah!


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the animal print. It's cute....on the actual animal. Not so much in an outfit.

Francesca Najea Lujan said...

As-salaamu-alaikum Sister Zaenab,
I love the wrap styles you showed here. I just never take the time to put all of these scarves on. I have two basic styles that I can throw on and run out of the house in. Does anybaody ever take the time to really put on all of these layers?
Your Sister,

Renee said...


If I have a fancy event to go to, I will take the time to wrap 3 or even 4 scarves together with a dozen pins to hold it all on.

I figure other ladies will spend an hour doing their hair, why shouldn't I spend 30 minutes pinning and fixing my scarves?

Thank you for this blog, I love it, machallah.

Shasharishi said...

I am a BIG multiwrap fan - probably due to my Egyptian connections! Also, I dont necessarily agree about the long sleeves under short sleeves thing, I think it can be done well. I'm not a fan of that red outfit though - I agree with you Zaenab on that one! A bit of enlightenment on the Egyptian hijab style is that they build up false hair and buns underneath their scarves and then have these masterpeices constructed on top. They go to hairdressers for it it's a big deal over there! but something that took that long you wouldnt want to remove... not easy really, but multiwrap doesnt have to be time consuming. I am a single mum and I almost always multiwrap! Great inspiration here thanks! <3

mishka said...

i always wonder is it ok to show your neck or ears, as i was told NO but seems alot of muslim woman do it. so where is the truth as this way hedjab look much pritier?

Anonymous said...

My sister I just want to inform you that hijab must cover your neck, your hair, your ears and your breast. It must be long. So, no earrings please. Thank you
I just think that Muslimahs do not need all these layers. We are naturally beautiful and beauty comes from our souls .