24 February 2009

The Jumpsuit

..or playsuit, depends where you live. Anyway, I was asked to do a post about wearing a jumpsuit (they're bang on trend) and hijab at the same time. At first I thought it would be a bit difficult considering they are usually quite tight around the legs but you can get suits that can be hijabified, as I did with some nifty editing tools on the above pic lol :D

Jumpsuit & Hijab NO's:

Those super tight jumpsuits you see -

Waist cinching!
Cropped jumpsuits, obviously:

How to wear it with hijab:
Go for long, loose suits with sleeves if you can find them. Here are some examples of jumpsuits that you can hijabify. I love these wide legs! -

For casual wear, these are great for the summer coupled with a thin, long cardi (for the white one):

For formal wear, love the gold one:

The two main arm 'coverers', suitable for jumpsuits are the jacket (blazer).. :

..and boyfit cardigans with flat gladiator sandals for a more casual look:

The most modest of jumpsuits are the ones that look like maxi dresses. They keep your curves well covered and keep you bang on trend too, perfect!

Here is a formal outfit I put together with one of these dress look-a-likes for a chic hijabi jumpsuit look:

Jumpsuit Hijabi

Jumpsuit Hijabi - by Zaenab

Hope you liked it anon :D if anyone has a request, please write it in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this article ^^

I will be keeping away from those waist clinching ones...I think I would prefer wearing one casually (with gladiator sandals as you mentioned and a cardigan) but I love the look you created for a formal occasion.

Great Ideas. Keep up the excellent work.

Anonymous said...

uuummm with jumpsuits on..how to pee when urgent?? i dunno coz i havent try wearing one..must be troublesome.

Zaenab said...

anon: haha!! lol i didnt think of that actually but its a good point :D

Turkish Muslimah said...

gorgezz set

M.J. said...

oh my gosh, that first jump suit is CRAZY! yuck!! i gotta admit i used to hate them though but some of these are just so cute. i love the white one on the very right of the 3-person runway pic :)

Fiifi said...

I LOOOOVE IT! its so beautiful. i will wear it right away! exelent job zeenab. i live in finland so here that alfuit is like wooow! they think that im going to wedding or something.. lol