05 February 2009

Outfit Ideas

Smart hijabi outfits come in all shapes, sizes and styles, here's one outfit I think is cute especially if you want a more discrete head covering for work. I would say the ears should be covered a bit more with the headscarf and a roll neck could be worn but apart from that I love it:


Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

I'm a non-Muslim who stumbled on your site, and wanted to tell you how beautiful the women you showcase look in their hijabs.

While browsing, I noticed some of the women pictured cover all their hair, while some wear the hijab pushed back to show the hairline. I understand that some women choose to cover their hair and others don't, but this middle ground confuses me. It seems like you'd either choose to show it, or not...not to wear the hijab but still show hair. Is there an explanation?

From reading, it sounds like devout Muslim women are only allowed to show their face, hands, and feet, is that correct? What about ankles and wrists?

Thanks! I have always been interested in this, as I have Muslim cousins - but they choose to wear full Western clothing so they don't know much.

Inspired Muslimah said...

Cute outfit!

Zaenab said...

Anonymous Midwest Girl: Hi! im so glad you like the blog and the pics :D the 'hijab' basically means 'cover' or 'barrier' and it doesn't just apply to women, men have to wear their own form of hijab too. for women its generally accepted that hijab is the covering of everything apart from the hands and face and some say feet can be shown as well and others think ears are ok to be uncovered. there are manyyyy different veiws on what is an acceptable hijab and just like some think you have to wear a face veil, others think its ok to show a bit of hair from your headscarf. as for me, i dont think its right to say 'these people are wrong and those arent' because the Quran does not say what the hijab should actually be, it just says tells us to protect our modesty by means of wearing the hijab so naturally people will interpret that in different ways. sorry for such a long reply lol, i hope it helps :D
Zaenab xx

riz said...

Salam Zaenab

i really like ur outfit ideas. WOuld you plz post sum pix of party hijabi party dresses.. for colleges.. lolz not those dancing kind.. but formal dinners and stuff...

would you plz help me.... i really love ur ideas