18 February 2009

Electric Blue - The Colour Of Spring '09

If you're even remotely interested in fashion you should know what Springs trend colour is - big, bright blue. So here's some hijabi style tips to get you going:

Where to get them:

$24.00 maxi dress - target.com

£35.00 knee length dress - ASOS.com

$29.95 scarf - funaccessories.com

$40.00 sandals - piperlime.gap.com

$15.80 cardigan - forever21.com

£18.00 check dress - ASOS.com

£12.00 bag - dorothyperkins.com

£26.95 abaya - muslimahessentials.com

Hope you liked the styles ideas! :D


Anonymous said...

Mashallah; Taberakallah. Jazak Allah sister.

I have recently found this amazing blog and I feel very proud for you; I love this site and would like to thank you for keeping us updated!
Inshallah I'm going to refer you to my friends.

God Bless You.

Zaenab said...

anon: aw thank you!! im so glad you like the site, Isha'Allah il keeping posting things you like :D

Anonymous said...

could you please consider making a jumpsuit article? There realy big this spring so do you think it's acceptable to wear one...?

Zaenab said...

ok i'll do one this week insha'Allah

Anonymous said...

That bag is to die for! and very cheap considering it' a rip-off of the chanel bag;