25 September 2014

Samira Salih al-Nuaimi

- May this brave woman rest in peace -

I recently heard of the sickening news of the 5-day torture and public murder of an Iraqi lawyer in ISIS-occupied Mousel, Iraq. She was apparently sentenced by a "SHARIA" court as a punishment for apostasy because she criticised their destruction of religious sites on Facebook. You can read more about the story here

What I find horrific about ISIS is that they honestly think that by killing people, controlling women and destroying everything around them that they will be rewarded with "72 virgins" in heaven. Really.....?!!!! Anyone is totally delusional if they think that is what heaven would be about, or even contain. Honestly, they really had better enjoy life while they can because they are going straight to hell, where hopefully they'll have burning hot stalagmites shoved right up their backsides. 

10 September 2014


Well, more of a shopping list :D

A new laptop!! I'm thinking of jumping on the MacBook bandwagon as the reviews are really good and it looks cool but I'm not sure if it's worth it. Does anyone know of any good alternatives? I'm not studying anymore and have an iPad so only use my laptop for the internet, watching films and occasionally games and word processing. I've seen laptops for a couple hundred pounds with good reviews but I'm not sure. I currently have a Sony Vaio which served me well through university but it's dying on me :'(

Armani Mania perfume. One of the nicest perfumes I've ever smelt! I've re-bought it twice and need to stock up again.

Benefit They're Real mascara. If you're looking for the best mascara ever made, look no further. I've tried manyyy mascaras in my time and this is by far the best. Again, I need to repurchase.

Work clothes! Sooo alhamduli'Allah I got a job recently which insha'Allah I'll be starting in a couple of weeks (eek!). And a new job means a new wardrobe, right? I am planning to go on a *little* shopping spree next week. Maybe I'll show you guys the stuff in a haul post :D

A silver watch. I'm really liking this one. I have it in gold but it looks just as awesome in silver..

This River Island peplum jacket.. I LOVE it! Hope it's still in stock next time I'm there!

A cat ^-^ I actually really want a puppy but the rents wouldn't ever let me. Cats are the next best thing though and they're so bloody cute!

Ahhhhhh!!! Cuteness overload!!

Anyway! Does anyone have any laptop recommendations? Or shall I just get a MacBook?

02 September 2014

Rest in peace Steven Sotloff.

The global silence of the Sunni sect is defeaning. Considering it is those of the extreme Sunni sect who are committing these atrocious acts of murder in Iraq and Syria I would have thought there would be an uproar around the world of Sunnis condemning ISIS. But apparently it's only fashionable to wear Gaza wristbands and condemn Starbucks these days.

I hope Allah (swt) grants Steven Sotloff, and everyone else murdered by ISIS, martyrdom. Insha'Allah the end is near for ISIS and all those who support them, be it openly or in their hearts.

01 September 2014

Feminism and misandry

I've wanted to bring up this subject for a while but have held off as almost every female I speak to proclaims herself as a 'feminist', I'm starting to wonder if there are actually any females out there at all that see the massive flaw, coupled with the healthy dosing of hypocrisy, in the feminist ideology. 

Here I present a list of reasons I would never identify as a feminist in the Western world.

1. Equality Feminists believe that women do not have political, cultural, economic or social equality with men and that they must fight in order to attain this. In the Western world this goal has already been attained. To argue that women in the West don't have all the opportunities that men have and most of the time have things a lot easier, is laughable. In addition the very idea that the feminist moral compass only permits them to fight for female equality as opposed to human equality in general makes them lose even more credibility. 

2. Pay gap Feminists will often complain about the so-called 'gender pay gap'. In reality, women are more likely to choose to work fewer hours throughout their working lives, lowering the average (mean) wage of women. Women take maternity leave, and shock-horror, many choose to raise their own children. Men are twice as likely to work more than 40 hours per week as women, that is a fact. When you apply for a job the wage is fixed and advertised before interviewing, it does not change when a women gets that job. 

3. Objectification There is a belief amongst feminist that men are perverts who 'objectify' and degrade women. This viewpoint is constantly pushed everywhere in the media. What does 'objectify' mean anyway? "To reduce a person to the status of a mere object to be used" - this word is thrown around far too much by feminists to accuse men of being perverted; I see it as the result of the highly negative portrayal of male heterosexuality that has been over-taking the Western world for decades. 

It has gotten so bad that studies have found most men would be extremely reluctant to help a lost child or woman in need of help for fear of being suspected as a pervert. Simply put, if a man looks at a woman that the woman doesn't find attractive then he is a pervert, but if she thinks he is good looking then he is flattering. Who is really being objectified in this case? As for women being used to sell things in the media, they are not being forced, it is their choice to show or to cover up their bodies. Plus there are many occasions where male bodies have been used to sell things targeted at females. 

4. Media portrayal "Women are always sexual objects in the media blah blah blah wah wah wah". All you have to do is look at films and stereotypical characters in programmes to see that the vast majority of the time the 'villain' is a male, the attractive 'victim' is the female and the sweet, lovable character is the (feminine) gay guy. In addition, there is a huge about of double-standards and hypocrisy in what is acceptable for men to be portrayed as verses women. For example, it is completely normal for men to be portrayed as dirty, lazy idiots (and often, animals) in adverts and programmes and for the woman to be the sensible one that is clean and pro-active. Examples below. 

Imagine if those adverts were switched around for the woman to look like an idiot? Feminists would be the first to complain and get these adverts banned. But if men are portrayed in this way, they are expected to not complain and if they do, they're told to quit winging and 'man-up', probably by feminists. If feminists truly wanted equality, they would be just as pissed off by these sorts of negative portrayals of a single gender. 

Also, imagine having an advertising campaign for men like the Dove one for natural beauty with a bunch of overweight men in boxers talking about body-confidence? It'd be laughable. But for women, it's encouraged and woe to the man that criticizes it. 

5. Violence towards men vs. towards women If a man hits a woman he's a swine and deserves punishment. If a woman hits a man, she was probably just defending herself and she should be congratulated. Violence is never right, for either gender but feminists don't care about violence towards men. And the reality is that violence towards men committed by women is not less prevalent than the other way around, but men are less likely to report it or to be visibly injured by it. Why does society accept women's violence?

6. Value Feminists might complain that women are objectified and degraded by men and that their value is based directly on the way they look but the value of men is related directly to how 'useful' they are in society and how much they are willing to put the female life ahead of theirs. Almost everyone in the world will have heard of the phrase 'women and children', in wars, accidents, emergencies and famine the life of the woman and the child automatically takes precedence over that of the man. What's more, men are expected to put the life of females before theirs, always, and the man that doesn't he is a worthless, selfish individual. By simply being a woman, you have more of a right to life than a man. Not convinced? Who would the majority of people save first from a burning building if there was a man and a woman trapped inside?

To conclude, feminism in somewhere like Afghanistan is great but in the West feminism is just a way to promote hateful degradation of masculinity and to forge yet another group of 'victims' to be positively discriminated and given special attention. Want to be treated like a man? Stop winging like a woman then. :)