02 September 2014

Rest in peace Steven Sotloff.

The global silence of the Sunni sect is defeaning. Considering it is those of the extreme Sunni sect who are committing these atrocious acts of murder in Iraq and Syria I would have thought there would be an uproar around the world of Sunnis condemning ISIS. But apparently it's only fashionable to wear Gaza wristbands and condemn Starbucks these days.

I hope Allah (swt) grants Steven Sotloff, and everyone else murdered by ISIS, martyrdom. Insha'Allah the end is near for ISIS and all those who support them, be it openly or in their hearts.


Al-salaam alaikum said...

Has the U.S. and it's Allies been able to defeat Al-Qaeda in the last 12 years?

With ISIS being crazier than Al-Qaeda, I don't think they're going anywhere soon. But have faith that Allah(swt) will bring about a good outcome.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Sunni, and I am against ISIS.... they are the biggest hypocrties out there:
---- "a believer is he from whose hands the Muslims are safe" -Muhammed S.A.W
---- "can you split there heart to see the intention therein? Nay, none but Allah" -Muhummed S.A.W

Big difference to me, between saying one is a Muslim... and being a believer.... Believers don't kill, murder, torture, especially other Muslims. Tehy don't even judge other Muslims to BE hypocrites, because only Allah knows such things.

The world is quite messed up.

But didn't Rasooluluah tell us "they will be as the ocean... but weak as the foam" about the Muslims past his "sunnah" generations?

StylishMuslimah said...

OPNP: True. There are verses from the Quran that ISIS want to remove as they contradict what they are doing but most Muslims these days couldn't care less, that's very clear to me now.

Salam x

Aisha said...

Thank you, someone finally gets it! We Muslims are quick to condemn non Muslims but when it comes to one of our own or people who kill in the name of Islam, we are for the most part silent. If we would go out into the streets and protest this brutal killing like we do for Gaza, we wouldn't be so misjudged in the first place.

StylishMuslimah said...

Aisha: exactly! x

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...


Anonymous said...

I really love your take in most of these news happening. I sometimes feel Like I am the only seeing the hypocrisy of my fellow Muslims. They want to eat their cake and have it too. I mean how do you explain immigrating in someone's country live there enjoy all the benefit that comes with it and then turn around to call them infidels and devise plans to bomb them. How come the world Muslim scholars are not organizing prayers and preach to our youngs that ISIS is not the path to Allah.?? Many questions that know wants to address. As an African Muslim I wonder what in the Arabs Sunni make them so vicious and delusional to think killing is what Allah demands from them? Please help me answer this I am sick of feeling shame about my religion all the time. I am sorry I vented it just soo sickening that I can't tolerate it anymore.