29 September 2008

A reminder to those who read the Holy Quran in English translation

I don't want to turn this into a huge post about what I think of the additional brackets and footnotes that are often put into the English copies of the Quran containing so-called "necessary" extra information. But I do want to remind you that these brackets are not the word of Allah (SWT) and should not be taken as devine text. If you can't read Arabic and have to rely on the translations, I urge you to read the translations with the bracket text omitted at least once so that maybe you can draw your own conclusions from the ayat. I know that the Quran has one overall message but it has many thousands in the ayat and I do not believe that their meanings should be changed in anyway, shape or form.

The Quran is for everyone, from the simple to the extremely intelligent and from all walks of life and everyone interprets it slightly differently according to what they have been through in life, how they think etc. This is why I truly believe it's of utmost importance for everybody to be able to find their own messages and meanings in the holy words of Allah (SWT) and in His words only without being confused by brackets and "extra information".

I would also recommend those of you who cannot read Arabic, to learn if you have some spare time. There is nothing like reading the Quran in it's original language.

I know this is kind of an obvious thing to be writing about but I really feel strongly about it and I think it's an important thing to share with you all.

26 September 2008

Hijab and Earrings: Love it or Shove it?

So we all know hijab has to include the covering of the ears but should that mean that earrings can't be worn? Or even if they are, should they be shown? I'm sure you all have different opinions on the matter but I, for one, am on the fence. Here are photos showing several different hijab styles in which the earrings are showing.

If you are remotely interested in hijab fashion, you probably will have seen the two pictures above before. I really like the top one but to be honest I don't think the makeup and clothes are hijab appropriate and defy the point of covering.

The styles of the headscarves in the first two pics are the ones that popped to mind when I thought of earrings and hijab; but check out these styles that actually cover the neck with the hijab itself while still showing off those pretty earrings. Ingenious.

The last picture looks so stunning, I love the colour of the hijab and earrings.
I think I would try this look out as it is really pretty; for me the best style would be the purple hijab style. But what do you think - love it or shove it?

I found an easier way to wrap a multi wrap :D

I found an easier way to wrap a multi wrap hijab on the hijabstoreonline. Here it is so get experimenting:

25 September 2008

The Wonderful Fusion Of Hippy/Gypsy/Hijabi Style

If there is a better combination of styles than hippy/gypsy/hijabi, I would like to know. I think it produces such beautiful and creative fashion that's perfectly modest and wearable. Here are a couple of photos to show you what I mean:

Great wide leg trousers:

The second photo is so pretty and I think it could easily be 'hijabified'.

Multi wrap scarves are a perfect way to start off the look as well a long flowing skirts or bold print dresses and lots of big beads. Colourful outfits are key and of course you have to look like you haven't tried too hard!

I have put together a few outfits together according to this style. Here they are:

I really love the hijab style in the first set and it's so easy and practical to carry. The multi wrap in the second set is stunning yet much less convenient in everyday life!
I hope you like this style as much as I do!

24 September 2008

The Sports Jilbab..

Ok, so I'm usually not one to contradict the efforts of people trying to create things that will make the life of hijabis easier. In fact I really liked the idea of the Islamic swimsuits but when I saw the jilbab meant for doing sports in, I did chuckle to myself.

Have you ever tried running in a full length dress? The excessive material is so unpractical not to mention dangerous. I could hardly use a running machine let alone an exercise bike wearing one of these:

I know that the material is specially made for sports and I respect the fact that some women don't feel comfortable unless wearing the jilbab but practicality and safety in sports is important.

I think these sport suits I found on Primo Moda, an online hijab store, are a far more practical alternatives to the jibab while still maintaining an appropriate level of modesty:

If you do not like the idea of wearing these then you could join a ladies only gym which are avaliable in some places.

P.S. This is simply my opinion and I do not intend to offend anyone who wears the sports jilbab.

23 September 2008

A pretty hijab style

Here is a style I haven't seen before but I would certainly give it a go. I call it 'The Hijab Bun' lol although are already is a 'bun hijab' but that shows the neck so its more of a head covering than a hijab.

These photos aren't exactly the same but they are pretty similar in style:

That last one looks soo cool, I love the colour combination and even the top actually :D What do you think?

21 September 2008

Egyptian (shop window) style

Here are some cute and interesting mannequin styles from egyptian shop windows:

You can't see it that well but the last outfit looks so nice :D

These white and pink outfits are so cute ^
I really like the hijab styles in this shop ^

Hope you liked them!

19 September 2008

Really nice hijab clothes site - 'Modern Muslimah'

I found this site by accident actually but I'm so impressed by it. It's similar to your average Muslim clothes site but they do some really nice modern outfits. You can even buy some of the outfits as a set e.g. you can buy the top and the skirt together. Here are some of my favourites:

Yes your seeing right - a full length pencil skirt! ^

I simply adore the last two smart outfits! It's pretty hard to find nice full length skirt suits so I think the designers have done a great job on these.

The only set back I can find is that the prices are a tiny bit steep and not all of the outfits are great but the site is really worth a visit: http://www.modernmuslimahs.co.uk/

Hijabi Sports Women

The Prophet (S) himself used to race with his wives - wearing hijab should not stop you doing sports and having fun :D.

18 September 2008

The Orphan and 'Miskeen'

^An orphanage in Brazil^

This is not about fashion but I don't think it's just clothes that makes somebody stylish.

I can never help but notice how many times the Holy Quran has mentioned the needy and poor (Al-Miskeen) and the orphan and the emphasis that Allah (SWT) has put on the treatment of these people. Here are some iyas as examples (although there are many more in the Quran):

"Have you seen the one how denies the Recompense? This is the one who repulses the orphan and urges not the feeding of the needy (Al-Miskeen)..."
[Al-Maun: 1-3]

"And they feed, for the love of Allah, the poor, the orphan, and the captive..."

[Al-Insaan: 8]

"Worship none but Allah and be kind to your parents and relatives and orphans and the poor; speak good to people, perform prayer and give Zakat (obligatory charity)..."

[Al-Baqara: 83]

"People who consume the property of orphans wrongfully consume nothing in their bellies except fire. They will roast in a Searing Blaze"

[An-Nisa': 10]

I want these words to be a reminder to you -

Islam is not just about praying and fasting a donning a hijab. It is about caring and giving and considering others in all your actions. In the Quran, we are told over and over to help others and do good for the people around us. The smallest good deed done for the purpose of Allah is huge in the 'eyes' of Allah (SWT) and you will be rewarded, Insha'Allah.

"..and repulse not the beggar.."

17 September 2008

A woolly alternative to the hijab this winter

It's generally agreed that the hijab is to cover a woman's figure, hair, neck and ears. To what extent depends on which school of thought you choose to follow. In my opinion, the scarf is not the only way to cover the hair, neck and ears although it seems to be the easiest I think its good to experiment with other things!

For example, a winter hat and scarf set would be a perfect substitution when going outdoors on a cold day where you won't need to take them off e.g. shopping, walking etc. Here are some photos to inspire you :)

Fake fur of course!

16 September 2008

Easily 'Hijabifyable' dresses from 'buyaweddingdress'

In my opinion, dresses that are full length with long sleeves (although kind of hard to come by) are usually 'hijabifyable'. I came across a range of ball gowns from the site http://www.buyweddingdress.net/ and wanted to share some here:

Ok so some of the sleeves aren't full length and some are sheer, but you could sort this out with a top underneath. If the party you're attending is all female, you could simply wear a coat over the dress and discard this and the hijab when you arrive.

My Fave dress? The dark red one!! It's so beautiful.

The site also does a beautiful range of wedding dresses with hijab which I will do a post on in the future Insha'allah.