12 September 2008

Rabia Z

I recently heard about a young fashion designer who has dedicated her herself to provide fashionable and modest clothes for the modern Muslimah. I am so impressed by her designs and am really happy that she has succeeded and continues to design :D Her name is Rabia Z and here she talks about why she started designing the clothes:

"When I embraced the hijab seven years ago, it was difficult to find appropriate clothing in the US. The choice of garments that were long and loose enough and with full sleeves and high necklines was very limited. Thanks to my fashion background and creativity I was able to combine various garments to create a look that was fashionable yet modest. But I realised that there were many women like me who were struggling to find the right balance between being stylish and modest," says Rabia.

Rabia then decided to launch a line of long shirts and tunics that she sold online in the US and UK. She is now set to launch her own label, may Allah show her further success. Here are some of her designs:

For more information on Rabia and her designs and to watch a video showing her talking about her perparing for her designs to be shown on the runway click here: http://current.com/items/89001365_islamic_fashionista

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Danika said...

Keep up the good work.