16 September 2008

Easily 'Hijabifyable' dresses from 'buyaweddingdress'

In my opinion, dresses that are full length with long sleeves (although kind of hard to come by) are usually 'hijabifyable'. I came across a range of ball gowns from the site http://www.buyweddingdress.net/ and wanted to share some here:

Ok so some of the sleeves aren't full length and some are sheer, but you could sort this out with a top underneath. If the party you're attending is all female, you could simply wear a coat over the dress and discard this and the hijab when you arrive.

My Fave dress? The dark red one!! It's so beautiful.

The site also does a beautiful range of wedding dresses with hijab which I will do a post on in the future Insha'allah.

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riya said...

These wedding gowns are awesome. I liked the pink one the most.