19 September 2008

Really nice hijab clothes site - 'Modern Muslimah'

I found this site by accident actually but I'm so impressed by it. It's similar to your average Muslim clothes site but they do some really nice modern outfits. You can even buy some of the outfits as a set e.g. you can buy the top and the skirt together. Here are some of my favourites:

Yes your seeing right - a full length pencil skirt! ^

I simply adore the last two smart outfits! It's pretty hard to find nice full length skirt suits so I think the designers have done a great job on these.

The only set back I can find is that the prices are a tiny bit steep and not all of the outfits are great but the site is really worth a visit: http://www.modernmuslimahs.co.uk/

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Celeritas said...

It's a nice site isn't it, it's clothing from the Turkish clothing company Tekbir