26 September 2008

Hijab and Earrings: Love it or Shove it?

So we all know hijab has to include the covering of the ears but should that mean that earrings can't be worn? Or even if they are, should they be shown? I'm sure you all have different opinions on the matter but I, for one, am on the fence. Here are photos showing several different hijab styles in which the earrings are showing.

If you are remotely interested in hijab fashion, you probably will have seen the two pictures above before. I really like the top one but to be honest I don't think the makeup and clothes are hijab appropriate and defy the point of covering.

The styles of the headscarves in the first two pics are the ones that popped to mind when I thought of earrings and hijab; but check out these styles that actually cover the neck with the hijab itself while still showing off those pretty earrings. Ingenious.

The last picture looks so stunning, I love the colour of the hijab and earrings.
I think I would try this look out as it is really pretty; for me the best style would be the purple hijab style. But what do you think - love it or shove it?


*~Ange~* said...

if you can see the ears then its not proper hijab.
they look nice but i wouldnt wear it myself.

Anonymous said...

Hijab is Definitly a dificult subject! I totally love the idea of earings showing but like even when I wear hijab the normal way people insult me for being un modest! can you believe that! If you go to my blog you can see my eid outfit and find that I am very conservative but from the bare fact that I am tall and thin and have a very pretty face (and occasionaly pretty bangs) people treat me like I'm not wearing hijab right. Its dificult trying to modest, because trust me I dress more modest than most girls I know but still i'm harrased for being pretty. its nuts. I think a girl should do what she believes is right and what her family allows her to do! As for what Islam says about hijab: There is a hadith speaking about one of the signs of the nearing of the end of time. It says that many women will will wear hijab but it will be as if they are not. I believe that time has come! my grandmother and great did not wear hijab and most older or 'dead' arabs I know didn't wear hijab. If one looks at the history of hijab its a more recent thing, since about 70 years ago when Israel took Palestine. Before that arabs didn't wear hijab, especially not syrians.(i'm syrian/turkish) So I think the point of Hijab is to do the best you can with the sincerist of hearts!!!

~love Janan

Candice said...

I like the earring look, it's very feminine and cute. I wouldn't say that the top ones "defy the purpose of covering", at least not completely, but the make up really is too heavy for day to day life and there are other styles for their body clothes that would be better... I like the headscarf parts a lot though.

Zaenab said...

candice - yeh i agree actually, maybe i should have reworded it slightly..i mean the makeup and clothes both need loosening up a bit but im not all 'oh this is haram that is haram' lol i hope you didnt get that impression :P

Anya said...

As-Salaam Alaykum .
Just wondering, how do you make a hijaab style like the first picture?
You know, the one where it looks like a bun at the back ?
Thankss !!

ina said...

salam zaenab,i love love your blog! :) wish you success in life and the hereafter..
i love the idea of waering pretty and dangly earrings with hijab,but honestly,it looks nice on some sisters only.i would look ridiculous in it lol.

nway,essenceoftimeandearth,i would like to read your blog but it seemed that it's available to registered/invited users only:(

unikue said...

I love earings, I have loads of dangly ones. But i never wear them because i wear a hijab, and you can't see them underneath so whats the point. I would love to be able to pull of the look with the earings outside the hijab, but i look like an idiot. So i can't do it. :(

Anonymous said...

Slice of lemon did a how to for a normal pashmina style without showing your ears.

Leila and Aliya said...

I personally like this style but not for everyday. The outfit I wore for Eid several years ago was a fancy green scarf with matching Pakistani clothes. I wore my hijb in a style similar to the purple one but with more drapes. But as I went to masjid for Eid prayer I got many tsk tsks from old ladies and men for my lack of modesty. Old ladies, I understand as many of them were raised to think that hijab means a long black scarf with a black jilbab, but men?! they shouldnt be commenting on my outfit when they are supposed to be lowering their gaze! And anyway most men I know dont wear male hijab so they have no idea on the struggles we face. And aren't we supposed to recieve support from our fellow muslims?! Sorry about the rant I had alot on my mind... :)


Anonymous said...

ASA. My father says that sunnah of beard is the male hijab. And, Our Nabi Muhammad sall Allahu 'alayhi wasallam was a Male who told Our Mother Ayesha radhuiAllahu 'anha to observe hijab from a blind Companion(r), so immodesty in hijab reflects lack of hijab of eyes and lack of hijab of hearts. The hypocrisy of Hijab-observant sisters can damage the Propagation of Islam, that is, saving non-Muslim souls from Hellfire, far more than explicitly disobedient sisters.Hijab is a great responsibility to propagate the haya and nur of Hadhrat Fatimah radhuiAllahu 'anha:Leader of Women in Jannah, who raised great soldiers of Islam like Hasan(r) and Husayn(r).