18 September 2008

The Orphan and 'Miskeen'

^An orphanage in Brazil^

This is not about fashion but I don't think it's just clothes that makes somebody stylish.

I can never help but notice how many times the Holy Quran has mentioned the needy and poor (Al-Miskeen) and the orphan and the emphasis that Allah (SWT) has put on the treatment of these people. Here are some iyas as examples (although there are many more in the Quran):

"Have you seen the one how denies the Recompense? This is the one who repulses the orphan and urges not the feeding of the needy (Al-Miskeen)..."
[Al-Maun: 1-3]

"And they feed, for the love of Allah, the poor, the orphan, and the captive..."

[Al-Insaan: 8]

"Worship none but Allah and be kind to your parents and relatives and orphans and the poor; speak good to people, perform prayer and give Zakat (obligatory charity)..."

[Al-Baqara: 83]

"People who consume the property of orphans wrongfully consume nothing in their bellies except fire. They will roast in a Searing Blaze"

[An-Nisa': 10]

I want these words to be a reminder to you -

Islam is not just about praying and fasting a donning a hijab. It is about caring and giving and considering others in all your actions. In the Quran, we are told over and over to help others and do good for the people around us. The smallest good deed done for the purpose of Allah is huge in the 'eyes' of Allah (SWT) and you will be rewarded, Insha'Allah.

"..and repulse not the beggar.."

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syeda said...

a very sensitive but an imp matter you hv published in your most may allah grant us the righteous path to follow and be kind to the orphans because islam is not a religion to follow principles but it also explain about moral values and ethics