29 December 2009


I may not be posting for a bit because my laptop has crashed on me :( Technology is so annoying! On the plus side.. if I can't get it fixed I'll just have to get a brand new shiny one, yayy (I hope it does though as I haven't backed anything up. Fantastic.) I'm writing this from a different laptop in case you were wondering lol..

27 December 2009

Outfit Ideas

Hmm think I'm guna nick my brothers eshamagh, I'm loving this look. Well, the headscarf look anyway, although a slightly looser, long sleeved version of that coat would be lush :D

26 December 2009

B*stards Strike Again..

Latest attempted terror attack.. He gave himself 3rd degree burns, hah, serves him bloody right. I wish he had finished himself off and all. Like Islam needs to look any worse than it already does..

24 December 2009

Square Hijab Tutorial

In under 30 seconds..

OK, I thought it was funny lool :D He's a revert, Masha'Allah, from Finland! His other videos are actually really good (and slightly more serious). I think they would benefit reverts and born Muslims alike, unlike some other converts videos that are just a bit, well, fickle.

23 December 2009

Nabila's Pick Of The "Week"

I don't think I've done one of these posts in a month or so but I'm not going to switch to Nabila's pick of the month :S. Anywayy, here's her outfit:

I love the polka dot dress, but couldn't find a nice one when I was doing my version of her look. So instead, I picked a cute polka dot cardigan ^-^ Paired with a simple blue dress and wide leg jeans, I think it would work:

Polka Dots

More coming soon, Insha'Allah!

22 December 2009

Showercap Hijab.. Quite Like It Actually

What wonderful style she has?

(..Okayy, I find her style quite offensive but she's grinning so inanely that I feel bad being mean :S)

20 December 2009

Blue Dress

Quite an original name if I do say so myself:

Blue Dress

(Haram Police: OK, I know the dress is tight but the jacket deals with that.. don't kill me..)

19 December 2009

17 December 2009

Why Do Women Impluse Buy So Much More Than Men?

My wardrobe is bursting at the seams. I actually feel quite sorry for it. And if I hadn't just (stupidly) spent 9 bloody pounds on a hijab magazine from 2hijab (an impulse buy, which I now wholly regret), I would now be buying several of these amazing and sensible scarf holders from Ikea which hold 28 scarves, would bring my wardrobe back from the brink of death and are only 2.99..! Click on the pic to check them out if, unlike me, you actually want to buy something that's useful..
Although I'm sure by the time the magazine actually arrives I will have forgotten all about it's price tag, this latest regretful purchase of mine leaves me with the burning question: why do men not have this impulse buy problem? They are so strange, they actually research into an item for ages, weigh up the pros and cons, find the best deal and then make a calculated decision on weather or not to purchase said item which they almost always need. Now this is possibly the first and last time you'll ever hear me saying this and it's rather hard to admit, but when it comes to shopping, not fashion - actually buying stuff, men beat women hands down. I know it, you know it (deep down lol) and unfortunately, magazine companies know it..
So the take home message for me is, the next time I'm about to flippantly click the pay button, I'll man up and make a calculated, military decision to hit the 'X' button instead.

15 December 2009

An Almost Perfect Dress :D

While using the internet as a trusty means of avoiding the ever increasing chemistry revision I have waiting for me today, I came across the almost perfect dress in ASOS. If it wasn't for the 3/4 length sleeves I wouldn't be waiting for it to go into the sale as it is only 25 pounds!! Although I tend to stick to wide leg jeans, I think straight cuts (not skinnies..) would be fine with this dress as it's so long. I'm now debating weather to buy it now while they still have my size OR do some revision so I have an excuse to buy it OR wait until midnight on Xmas to see if it goes into the sale and then buy weather or not it is.. and to make the decision even more difficult, p&p/returns are free.. hmm what a predicament I find myself in..

09 December 2009

"Sorry.. I'm Busy"

I'm reaaally sorry to anybody who has emailed me recently with post requests and hasn't had a reply. I'm not being a stuck-up rude cow, I'm just really busy with university and stuff at the moment. I think I've already mentioned I have exams coming up after Xmas, so please excuse me of my rudeness lol. For what it's worth, I do read every email (apart from the ones that claim I have billions of pounds waiting for me in an African bank somewhere..) and try to answer them.


Zaenab :D

08 December 2009

19 Facts On The Number 19 In The Holy Quran

I love reading about mathematical and scientific miracles of the Quran. It strengths my Iman, especially if I'm having a selfish 'off' day lol and also reminds me that science and religion are in no way separate like many scientists claim (it's amazing how they try to use Allah (swt) creations to disprove His existence.. Anyway, I came across the significance of the number 19 (from this site) in the Quran and thought I'd share it, it's quite interesting:

1. The first verse (1:1), known as "Basmalah," consists of 19 letters.

2. The Quran consists of 114 suras, which is ..............19 x 6.

3. The total number of verses in the Quran is 6346, or ....19 x 334.[6234 numbered verses & 112 un-numbered verses (Basmalahs) 6234+112 = 6346] Note that 6+3+4+6 =.......19.

4. The Basmalah occurs 114 times, despite its conspicuous absence from Sura 9 (it occurs twice in Sura 27) & 114= 19x6.

5. From the missing Basmalah of Sura 9 to the extra Basmalah of Sura 27, there are precisely ...............19 suras.

6. It follows that the total of the sura numbers from9 to 27 (9+10+11+12+...+26+27) is 342, or .............19 x 18.

7. his total (342) also equals the number of words between the two Basmalahs of Sura 27, and 342 = ........19 x 18.

8. The famous first revelation (96:1-5) consists of .......19 words.

9. This 19-worded first revelation consists of 76 letters .19 x 4.

10. Sura 96, first in the chronological sequence, consists of ..............19 verses.

11. This first chronological sura is placed atop the last ..19 suras.

12. Sura 96 consists of 304 Arabic letters, and 304 equals .19 x 16.

13. The last revelation (Sura 110) consists of ............19 words.

14. The first verse of the last revelation (110:1) consists of ...........................19 letters.

15. 14 different Arabic letters, form 14 different sets of"Quranic Initials" (such as A.L.M. of 2:1), and prefix 29 suras. These numbers add up to 14+14+29 = 57 = ......19 x 3.

16. The total of the 29 sura numbers where the Quranic Initials occur is 2+3+7+...+50+68 = 822, and 822+14(14 sets of initials) equals 836, or ................. 19 x 44.

17. Between the first initialed sura (Sura 2) and the last initialed sura (Sura 68) there are 38 un-initialed suras 19 x 2.

18. Between the first and last initialed sura there are ....19 sets of alternating "initialed" and "un-initialed" suras.

19. The Quran mentions 30 different numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 19, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80,99, 100, 200, 300, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 50,000, &100,000. The sum of these numbers is 162146, which equals 19x8534.

06 December 2009

Hmm.. Not Feeling It..

The one on the left looks like she's being weighed down by granite stuck to her abaya..

04 December 2009

Artizara - A Quick Reveiw

If you know anything about hijabs online then you will have probably have come across Artizara.com at some point during your searches on the net. I generally like the site, especially the formal wear that they have, as they can actually be classed as modest enough to wear in a mixed environment unlike some of the shockers being called hijab that I have seen on other Islamic sites lol. Here are some I like:

My favorite, I really want it! The ruffled sleeves are so cute :D

Traditional galabya, lovely:

Gold or Brown? Decisions, decisions..

OK, this isn't formal, but I have a thing for cardigans, especially big knitted ones like this:

The site is worth a look, so for prices and the rest of their collection, click here. Would just like to state that I have not shopped at this particular site before so cannot review their service myself, however, I have checked reviews from independent sites and all seems good! (P.S. 15% off all new customer orders!).

30 November 2009

It's Getting Cold :(

I really don't mind winter actually but it's the rain I can't stand.. anyone in London who commutes will feel my pain - why are the bloody train services subject to weather only? On normal days they're fine but as soon as the heavens open it's like Armageddon.. Anywayy I won't rant today I really need to do some work, so here's a simple outfit for the cold and casual but not so rainy days.

Purple Bag

Purple Bag by Zaenab

29 November 2009

Eid Mubarek :D

Sorry it's late :S I've been a bit busy. I thought I'd make a few tweaks to the blog layout as I, understandably, got bored of plain white after a year. If you don't like it don't worry, I will no doubt, have another blog-midlife crisis.

24 November 2009

Comfort Shopping Is SOO Much Better Than Comfort Eating

Yes I have a shopping addiction, I have already realised that... Oh well. Here's my latest buy! I can't wait for it to arrive :D It was 45 GPS with p&p from Shukr, I think that's not bad as it is 70% wool and it is winter after all, yep, I need it :P

So what do you think, worth it? (Yes, of course!!)

22 November 2009

It's A Fair Affair..

Following some comments I had in previous posts about how there aren't any black Muslimah models out there I wanted to prove that models are in no way more beautiful on the 'lighter' side. Coming from an Arab culture where generally speaking the lighter you are, the better (has anybody seen that bloody "fair and lovely" advert?! I actually want to scratch their eyes out and ask them wth they are trying to make themselves look so western?) I have had to put up with being told that Arabic/Asians who are quite frankly plain Janes (or more fittingly, plain Aishas..) are gorgeous because they are all fair and lovely.. In fact I have found the more stunning models have a bit of colour in them (although you can't quite apply this theory to the runway as most of them are pale and underfed anyway..)

SO, enough of my rant.. here are some not so fair yet lovely black Muslimahs:

I looove this!
Check out the Around The World: Hijab Style posts for more and stick two fingers up at "Fair and Lovely". Black is beautiful!! I feel like I shouldn't even be having to clarify this point but I guess some people are still a bit shallow..

17 November 2009

Hijab Styling Tutorials: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

The net absolutely is brimming to the rim with hijab styling ideas but sorting the wheat from the chaff can be quite a daunting prospect so usually I just give up and stick to a couple of my everyday styles. In a moment of madness, however (most probably brought on by the fact that I have inhumane amounts of university work to do..) I thought I'd take on the world of hijab tutorials head on - with google. Here's a sample of what I dug up, with comments of course..

The 'it looks simple enough but in hijab reality, with that material, it would actually require nine pins to stay in place' look:

The 'perfect for work' look that makes us seriously consider a broach or two..

The old faithfuls, ahh how we love you:

The evolution of the old faithfuls: they have got their perks of course, but are never quite as trusty (or as simple) as the originals:

The 'I went to bed in my (bargin bucket) headscarf and one earring' look.

The elegant drape look:

The old 'I have a headache' look

And last but by all means not least, the 'Igal and Shemagh looks better on women anyway..' look

So which is your favorite? (I know you probably won't be able to answer that as the choice of stylish looks out there is just so extensive..!)

14 November 2009

Hijabi Beginner: Having Doubts?

When you realise that you should be adhering to the laws of hijab (and if you are a practising Muslimah, you will sooner or later, Insha'Allah), you can suddenly find a million questions and contradictions to prevent you from wearing it and we all know who that's from.. If you are currently in this predicament, then this video that I found on you tube might make things seem simpler, afterall the concept of hijab is a very simple one but it's choosing to follow it that's the hurdle:

10 November 2009

Outfit Ideas: A Smart Jilbab

I loove this look! If anyone knows where you can get jilbabs like this online or in London, please let me know :D

01 November 2009

I Tried Out Abaya ^-^

So yesterday, we went out and I decided to give abaya a go and not to keep putting it off as I knew we would be going to the mosque as well at some point during the outing. I really liked it and didn't have to worry about if my jeans were too tight or have to constantly pull my dress down while walking along a busy street. I felt like I was properly doing my bit to wear hijab and got to wear skinny jeans at the same time, win win situation! Here's roughly what I wore, I put it with a Turkish styled hijab because (no offence..) but even though I'm Arabic I didn't want to look like an Arab wannabe (as I know a black abaya is not the only form of jilbab).. they are kind of everywhere.. :P lol.


Abaya by Zaenab

28 October 2009

I Bought Another Skirt :D

I love my new Shukr skirt! It's lovely and wide at the bottom so walking is not at all restrictive: it's actually almost the same as walking in jeans :) I ordered it on Sunday and it arrived yesterday (impressive service!). Anyway, I wore it today for university with a white blouse and navy blue trench over the top (and of course a pink hijab for pink hijab day ^-^)which was a good match as the trench is annoyingly, very slightly too short to wear with jeans..

I would highly recommend anyone who wants a nice long skirt for a reasonable price to check out Shukr's wide range. This skirt was £24.95 and, in my opinon, well worth it!

20 October 2009

My Skirt Arrived Yayy!

My Taqwa Iman skirt arrived early and I love it :D I wore it at uni today with items resembling these:

I think I'll have to get used to the slightly restrictive movement that comes with wearing a skirt but all in all I felt a lot more comfortable, hijab wise, than wearing trousers although they won't be leaving my wardrobe in a hurry, they're far too practical! Anyway, Insha'Allah I will post a review on Taqwa Iman's service (and probably Shukr's as I also recieved a lush shawl cardigan from them today :D - eek I should stop spending!) when I get some time.

14 October 2009

I Heart The Trench <3

Wide leg jeans with a knee length trench coat has quickly become my university staple, I love it as (if worn properly - no tightly belting your waists sisters) it's modest, practical and stylish at the same time. That's like a win win win situation :D Anywayy, I think I may have posted these before but I have a memory like a sieve so can't remember :S Love them anyway!

Pink :D

Snowy Outfit

I made the last one when I still wore uggs :S but I don't do that anymore and I wouldn't really wear a snood soo I guess that's for inspiration. Hope you like them ^-^

08 October 2009

I Finally Found A Half Decent Long Denim Skirt :)

I really want to start wearing more long skirts and less dresses with jeans but haven't managed to find a nice simple denim skirt I can wear to university that doesn't have frills and swoopy things and isn't skin tight either. But I've finally found one yayy :D it's from Taqwa Iman and cost just over forty pounds with shipping (it's actually 20 but the postage costs 20 too!). I really hope it's as nice as it is in the photo:

As I've payed online, it's takes longer for them to ship so I probably won't get it until the end of October by which time it'll probably be too cold for skirts :( But then there's always the legging option lol :D So what do you think, is it worth 40 pounds?

07 October 2009

Just Wondering..

Does anyone know a good online shop, apart from Shukr, that sells nice long denim skirts? I've yet to find my long sought after perfect shaped skirt :( Thanks in advance!