17 December 2009

Why Do Women Impluse Buy So Much More Than Men?

My wardrobe is bursting at the seams. I actually feel quite sorry for it. And if I hadn't just (stupidly) spent 9 bloody pounds on a hijab magazine from 2hijab (an impulse buy, which I now wholly regret), I would now be buying several of these amazing and sensible scarf holders from Ikea which hold 28 scarves, would bring my wardrobe back from the brink of death and are only 2.99..! Click on the pic to check them out if, unlike me, you actually want to buy something that's useful..
Although I'm sure by the time the magazine actually arrives I will have forgotten all about it's price tag, this latest regretful purchase of mine leaves me with the burning question: why do men not have this impulse buy problem? They are so strange, they actually research into an item for ages, weigh up the pros and cons, find the best deal and then make a calculated decision on weather or not to purchase said item which they almost always need. Now this is possibly the first and last time you'll ever hear me saying this and it's rather hard to admit, but when it comes to shopping, not fashion - actually buying stuff, men beat women hands down. I know it, you know it (deep down lol) and unfortunately, magazine companies know it..
So the take home message for me is, the next time I'm about to flippantly click the pay button, I'll man up and make a calculated, military decision to hit the 'X' button instead.


Anonymous said...

men dont have an impulse buy problem? where did you get that from?

i lived in a very small town with nothing to do except work and make money. and i wasnt paying any rent or any bills.

I ended up buying $12,000 worth of UNNECESSARY music equipment over a period of 8 months. At one point, i remember looking around my room and just being disgusted at the wasted time and money.

I have learned from my mistakes, alhamdulillah.

-indonesian prince

Anonymous said...

oh, and when I actually sold all this equipment back, I only recovered about 7,000 of the original 12,000. Sigh....

I do not think this is haram, but I will buy that scarf holder for you, sister.

let me know.

-indonesian prince

Candice said...

With my husband, neither of us is really impulsive (buying things quickly that we might regret), but my husband is still a big spender on technology. I find a lot of it not necessary and ridiculous so basically, I don't regret my purchases, I regret HIS. :P

Note: He also "regrets" mine like clothes or books, but I hardly buy any at all so it's not heavy on his mind, I think!

ModestJustice said...

...I just bought a dress from Forever 21...


I haven't bought anything since my eid outfit and that was under 20 bucks.

Imma frugal gal
(No more buys till next year! Hehe)

Natalia said...

That's really funny. But in our family it's me who man up and clic the "cancel" button. I don't even take my husband shopping any more, and I am not happy when he goes out to buy sth for our son alone...
The time proves that I spend 2 times less than him with the same shopping list :-))))

Zaenab said...

Indonesian Prince: LOL, ok that's one veryy expensive impulse buy! Makes me feel better actually.. I got the impression that's what mens buying habits were like from how my dad and brother shop! Clearly not so :S

That's really kind of you but I think I'll buy it later, Insha'Allah. Thanks though!


Zaenab said...

Candice: "I regret HIS.." lool that made me chuckle :D

Wassalam :)

Henna Craze said...

lol I have to say that in my family, it is the complete opposite. It's funny that I should read this now, but we just came back from Macy's and I had to convince my brother that NO, he really did not need a facial cream that cost $55.00. His response? "But I just want something that really works for my skin... you know?" Dear god, I do know, and I had to resist the urge to smash my head (or his) into a wall: he's 22 years old and has never undergone any form of acne and has skin that is perfectly FINE.

Anywho, sorry about that rant, but I'm the frugal one in my family; the guys are ALWAYS buying something that they don't need, usually on an impulse [*cough* sports car *cough*]. We've had endless arguments about it actually. =)

ama said...

ahahah,,this post is funny zaenab,,

nice to know u want to buy it,,
as i already have it,,
and it is a must has thing because it very convenient,,

i wear hijab to,,so i know how difficult to organize de hijabs in ur wardrobe =)