24 December 2009

Square Hijab Tutorial

In under 30 seconds..

OK, I thought it was funny lool :D He's a revert, Masha'Allah, from Finland! His other videos are actually really good (and slightly more serious). I think they would benefit reverts and born Muslims alike, unlike some other converts videos that are just a bit, well, fickle.


Maryam said...


He should've continued on.

Hijab Chic said...


daily fashin muslimah said...

great tutorial..!!

i like it

Anonymous said...

sorry to edit but he is from finland :)
nina (also from finland)

Zaenab said...

Nina.. Oh thank you, I thought he was from england because he has his background as a mosque that is in London :D Wondered where that accent came from!


tealovecoffee said...

I replay the video twice!
so funny hahaha

Anonymous said...

awwww...he's so cute! Reckon he's married yet (wink wink)
(....she opens an extra tab and googles ticket prices to Finland)