31 March 2010

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week was a few weeks ago, in London.. obviously. Here are a few outfits that I quite liked (from Google Images):

29 March 2010

A Slight Variation On The Shayla Wrap

For a bit more of a formal look, this hijab style (from Amenakin) is slightly different to your average wrap. It's probably not suited to hotter weather but I like it anyway:

26 March 2010

Summer Hijab Idea

Was bored on Looklet.. I think this would be nice for a smart summer look:

24 March 2010

Blazers For Spring

It seems the blazer is is very much with us for another season but this time it's got a more feminine feel with softer shoulders (thank goodness..) and the styles are longer, hurray!

Here's a couple of blazer looks I found on the net, casual and smart:

And some of my faves:

Blazers :D

23 March 2010

A Somewhat Interesting Style Choice

Some hijab styles that you would perhaps not wear to the office.. Not unless you wake up before the crack of dawn to get ready anyway. (And yes, of course they're Egyptian styles..)
Think I'll be sticking to just the one scarf this time, thanks.

19 March 2010

Wide Leg Trousers: Hijab Fashion

They are a hijabis best friend and pretty much a wardrobe staple, however wide leg jeans/trousers are not always the easiest to dress - it seems that straight cuts just go with everything and are generally much easier to wear with a dress. Here are some ideas to dress your wider trousers:


Inspired by the above photo, I put together this outfit on Looklet:

I like the outfits in these pics, just add a long cardigan or a long line blazer (both bang on trend) and scarf to complete the look:

Here is a wide leg look I did on Polyvore a while back:

The Smart Hijabi

The Smart Hijabi by Zaenab

A similar look is worn here by Posh, I love the cross between smart and casual:


A great summer look and wide rimmed straw hats actually look really good with a loosly tied scarf, believe it or not.

The utility look is big right now, so get down to gap for trousers similar to these and stay right on trend:

Here's a casual wide leg looked I put together on Looklet.com:

Hope this inspires you with some new wide leg trouser outfits :D

18 March 2010

Palestinian Awareness

There is a great informative new blog on the block all about raising awareness about what is really going on in Palestine. No bias or lies, just the plain, old fashioned truth. Show your support by checking it out here.

Nude Maxi

Stay bang on trend in nude shades:

Cream Maxi Dress

16 March 2010

Shasharishi - Hijab Sequin Look

I posted some photos a while back of Shasharishi's hijab styles.. Here is another cute style of hers to try:
What do you reckon? I'm loving it!

14 March 2010

A Not So Pretty Hijab Style

This outfit is perhaps the most disgusting thing I have ever beheld. I kind of feel like I should be apologising to my poor eyes. And why on earth is she smiling?? Why?

10 March 2010

Random Hijab Photos

I'm reallyyy busy at the moment so sorry for the recent lack of posts :S Here are some random pics that I found in my 'Stylish Muslimah' file, they have been ignored for far too long as I have not had a need for them in any post - until now that is. Sorry, no time to narrate I have 3 coursework deadlines and a bloody test to revise for. Remind me.. what's so rewarding about "getting an education" again?? The neanderthals got by just fine as far as I know.
Ahh, I do love a white headscarf, it looks great on all colour complexions even though you might not think it would:

03 March 2010

Hijabifying Lace

Lace has never really gone out of fashion, but it has made a bit of a comeback recently so I thought I'd make a post on how to wear it, hijab style. The most obvious way that springs to mind is to incorporate it into your headscarf. I have not yet tried this look but personally think it looks nicer than wearing it as part of your main outfit.. I saw a girl attempt this today - she wore fully sheer lace sleeves with a headscarf, not a great look, fashion-wise or otherwise. Anywayy, here are some styles I do like:

Probably the safest option but it's certainly not bland, I love the colours she's used:

If you want to give this look a go, you can find a wide selection of lace under scarves like the one below from just $0.99 at the Al Muhajabat website:

You've probably seen this photo before if you've ever googled hijab looks; I would never wear it but the layered lace look is pretty alright on her..

This Arabic actress is on the money with her take on the lace look. Perfect colours. Perfect style. Mwah!

Go on, try the lace look! It's kinda cool when you get it right and a break from those boring cloth headbands.. (Also, if you have any other ways to wear a lace hijab, pop it in the comments)