03 March 2010

Hijabifying Lace

Lace has never really gone out of fashion, but it has made a bit of a comeback recently so I thought I'd make a post on how to wear it, hijab style. The most obvious way that springs to mind is to incorporate it into your headscarf. I have not yet tried this look but personally think it looks nicer than wearing it as part of your main outfit.. I saw a girl attempt this today - she wore fully sheer lace sleeves with a headscarf, not a great look, fashion-wise or otherwise. Anywayy, here are some styles I do like:

Probably the safest option but it's certainly not bland, I love the colours she's used:

If you want to give this look a go, you can find a wide selection of lace under scarves like the one below from just $0.99 at the Al Muhajabat website:

You've probably seen this photo before if you've ever googled hijab looks; I would never wear it but the layered lace look is pretty alright on her..

This Arabic actress is on the money with her take on the lace look. Perfect colours. Perfect style. Mwah!

Go on, try the lace look! It's kinda cool when you get it right and a break from those boring cloth headbands.. (Also, if you have any other ways to wear a lace hijab, pop it in the comments)


NoR said...

thanks for the great idea n for a change..i shall rummage my wardrobe cos i believe i have some laces somewhere..hehe

Lady Muslima said...

Try also our bestselling lace bandanna. Available in cute colors! :)

Elsa said...

Lace is so pretty!!!

Aliya said...

I've always worn my lace hijabs similarly to the way you described here: http://stylishmuslimah.blogspot.com/2009/09/request-from-islamic-fashion.html with the lace piece on top