31 March 2010

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week was a few weeks ago, in London.. obviously. Here are a few outfits that I quite liked (from Google Images):


Anonymous said...

linked you:



M.J. said...

love the hijabi looking one!!

Anonymous said...

totally love the second and fourth one.

the second one is Irani inspired or something. it just reminds me of clothes from iran. or maybe its her.iono

Madina Amin said...

I am LOVING the 4th one!! Great Post!!

Nermine said...

i loved all of them, the second is very fashiony and chic. third, a little vintage 80s, in my opinion. the fourth was just a cool mix of grays and lots of layering. and i thought the third one was totally new york. the first one was the only one that i absolutley hated, sorry, i just didn't like it. but i do love your wide variety and taste, awesome job! thanks!